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17/05/2014  Shatin  Race 1

17/05/2014  Class 4  Shatin  Turf  C+3  1200m   Going: GOOD TO YIELDING  (2.75)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (24.36)  (22.55)  (22.94)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 7 RIGHTEOUS Z Purton T P Yung 7 125 52 1-1/2 1:09:85 3.5 1-2-1 24.36   22.55   22.94  

2 10 MR VANILLA T Berry D E Ferraris 2 118 45 1-1/2 1:10:10 5.2 6-6-2 25.04   22.27   22.79  

3 9 SNOW SLIDER N Callan P F Yiu 4 121 48 1-3/4 1:10:14 27 5-4-3 24.76   22.31   23.07  

4 1 RAZOR QUEST H Bowman C W Chang 11 133 65 47 4 1:10:47 99 11-8-4 25.80   21.71   22.96  

5 8 EVER SHINY A Suborics C H Yip 6 124 51 4 1:10:48 12 8-7-5 25.28   22.11   23.09  

6 11 BERNARD'S CHOICE M Chadwick P O'Sullivan 9 116 43 4-1/2 1:10:57 29 10-11-6 25.60   22.19   22.78  

7 6 PERFECT HEDGE T H So K W Lui 1 123 52 6-3/4 1:10:92 3.9 3-1-7 24.44   22.47   24.01  

8 12 ELEGANT FRAMES C K Tong T K Ng 10 114 43 7-1/4 1:11:00 51 9-10-8 25.40   22.31   23.29  

9 4 FABIO W M Lai W Y So 8 125 52 10 1:11:44 25 2-3-9 24.40   22.67   24.37  

10 2 RIBOT LEGACY J Moreira A Lee 5 126 53 15-1/4 1:12:28 4.5 4-5-10 24.72   22.39   25.17  

11 5 KING BROTHER C Y Ho K L Man 3 123 52 15-3/4 1:12:37 26 7-9-11 25.12   22.55   24.70  

3 BRILLIANT DREAM B Prebble D J Hall 7 125 52 59 --

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
Prior to the running of Race 1, Dr T S M Wan, Head of Racing Laboratory, notified the Stewards that a pre-race urine sample he had analysed earlier today was found to contain the prohibited substance Arsenic above the prescribed threshold. It was subsequently established that the relevant sample was taken from BRILLIANT DREAM, a declared runner in this race, trained by Mr D J Hall. The Stewards acceded to a request from Mr Hall to withdraw BRILLIANT DREAM from this race. Accordingly, BRILLIANT DREAM was withdrawn by order of the Stewards. This matter, together with previous samples being found to contain Arsenic above the prescribed threshold, was adjourned until a date to be fixed. After being loaded, KING BROTHER became fractious. Before being allowed to race again, KING BROTHER will be required to perform satisfactorily in a stalls test. PERFECT HEDGE began awkwardly. EVER SHINY shifted in at the start and bumped RIBOT LEGACY. RIGHTEOUS began awkwardly and lost ground at the start. Shortly after the start, MR VANILLA was crowded for room between PERFECT HEDGE which shifted out and KING BROTHER which got its head on the side and shifted in away from SNOW SLIDER. From wide barriers, BERNARD’S CHOICE, ELEGANT FRAMES and RAZOR QUEST were all shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Near the 1100 Metres, RIBOT LEGACY was checked when crowded for room inside RIGHTEOUS, which after being aggressively ridden along in the early stages, improved its position to be racing inside the heels of FABIO (W M Lai) which shifted in when initially clear of RIGHTEOUS. After being directed in by FABIO, RIGHTEOUS then got its head on the side and shifted in away from that horse despite the efforts of its rider. W M Lai was advised that whilst there were a number of circumstances to this incident, nonetheless he should be aware of runners improving their positions to his inside when shifting ground in future. Approaching and passing the 1100 Metres, SNOW SLIDER got its head up on a number of occasions when proving difficult to settle. In the early part of the Straight, SNOW SLIDER was held up for clear running and near the 350 Metres was shifted out away from the heels of PERFECT HEDGE and RIGHTEOUS to obtain clear running. When questioned, W M Lai stated that after riding his mount along in the early stages to cross runners to his inside and after he became aware that RIGHTEOUS had improved its position quickly to his inside after the 1100 Metres, he formed the opinion that he would not be able to cross that horse and therefore attempted to steady FABIO with a view to taking a trailing position behind RIGHTEOUS. He said however when he did this, RIGHTEOUS, after being ridden along early, then proved difficult to settle and would not relax and therefore he was not able to shift in behind that horse and consequently travelled three wide and without cover for the remainder of the race. When questioned regarding his riding of BERNARD’S CHOICE particularly in the early part of the Straight, M Chadwick stated that after making the Home Turn he immediately shifted his mount out into clear running. He said after the 400 Metres he commenced to ride BERNARD’S CHOICE along by slapping it down the shoulder with the whip and riding it out hands and heels. He said passing the 300 Metres he commenced to ride the horse with the whip in the backhand manner and approaching the 150 Metres was pulling the whip into the forehand. He added whilst BERNARD’S CHOICE made up some ground in the straight, nonetheless, in his opinion, the horse finished off the race only fairly. M Chadwick was advised that his riding of BERNARD’S CHOICE in respect of the amount of vigour he used on the horse in the early part of the Straight had come under notice and he must ensure that he tests his mounts with sufficient vigor in future so as to leave no room for query. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of RIBOT LEGACY, J Moreira stated that after being checked near the 1100 Metres, he had to ride his mount along after the 1000 Metres to clear KING BROTHER to his inside and obtain a position one horse off the fence. He said after this RIBOT LEGACY travelled well. He said after being placed under pressure in the early part of the Straight, RIBOT LEGACY initially kept on one-paced, however, over the final 200 Metres gave ground abruptly to finish at the tail of the field. He added he was unable to offer any explanation for the horse’s disappointing performance and, in his opinion, the interference the horse suffered in the early stages of the race did not account for the manner in which it weakened over the latter part of the Straight. He said he was unable to detect any soreness or lameness issues with RIBOT LEGACY as the horse returned to the unsaddling area sound. A veterinary inspection of RIBOT LEGACY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The performance of RIBOT LEGACY was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, RIBOT LEGACY will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of PERFECT HEDGE immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. RIBOT LEGACY, RIGHTEOUS and MR VANILLA were sent for sampling. < 19/5/2014 Additional Veterinary Report> The Veterinary Officer reported that BERNARD’S CHOICE was lame in its right front leg on the morning after racing. Before being allowed to race again, BERNARD’S CHOICE will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.

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