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18/05/2013  Shatin  Race 2

18/05/2013  Class 5  Shatin  Turf  C  1600m   Going: GOOD  (2.73)   Rating: 040 - 015   Section Time: (25.88)  (24.62)  (24.34)  (22.78)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 1 GLOBAL FAME D Whyte C S Shum 2 133 39 3/4 1:37:62 5.2 5-5-3-1 26.20  24.66  24.18  22.58 

2 10 LUCKY ARMY K C Ng C H Yip 12 116 29 3/4 1:37:74 11 12-8-8-2 26.68  24.38  24.30  22.38 

3 12 NOBLE FLIER B Prebble J Moore 4 120 26 1-1/4 1:37:84 4.7 6-10-9-3 26.28  24.94  24.18  22.44 

4 3 CLEMENT SPIRIT M Guyon A Lee 11 131 37 1-3/4 1:37:89 9.5 14-13-11-4 26.96  24.66  23.98  22.29 

5 7 HORSESHOE FORTUNE A Suborics A Schutz 14 128 34 1-3/4 1:37:92 6.8 4-7-7-5 26.04  24.98  24.30  22.60 

6 6 JOYFUL WINNER II C K Tong K W Lui 3 128 36 3-1/4 1:38:13 29 1-1-2-6 25.88  24.62  24.38  23.25 

7 8 CASA JUNIOR W M Lai T K Ng 9 126 32 3-1/4 1:38:13 8.1 2-2-1-7 25.88  24.74  24.22  23.29 

8 14 FUN AND FAST C Y Lui L Ho 7 107 23 4 1:38:26 51 8-9-10-8 26.40  24.78  24.30  22.78 

9 5 GOLD FORTUNE T Berry B K Ng 1 130 36 4-1/4 1:38:30 57 7-3-4-9 26.28  24.46  24.34  23.22 

10 9 FIERY PATROL Y T Cheng T W Leung 10 126 32 4-1/4 1:38:31 23 9-6-6-10 26.48  24.50  24.26  23.07 

11 4 REALLY THE BEST M L Yeung D Cruz 13 129 37 4-1/2 1:38:34 5.3 3-4-5-11 25.92  24.86  24.34  23.22 

12 2 MOUNT VICTORY Z Purton P O'Sullivan 8 132 38 7-3/4 1:38:85 39 13-14-13-12 26.72  24.98  24.06  23.09 

13 13 FOLLOW THE MONEY C Y Ho A T Millard 5 116 25 8 1:38:89 83 11-11-12-13 26.64  24.74  24.26  23.25 

14 11 GABRIAL THE KING T H So S Woods 6 118 27 70-1/2 1:48:90 99 10-12-14-14 26.48  25.06  24.54  32.82 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
ABLE DRAGON, Standby Declared Starter, was withdrawn on 17.5.13 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame left fore). Before being allowed to race again, ABLE DRAGON will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. FUN AND FAST was slow to begin. On a number of occasions shortly after the start, FOLLOW THE MONEY and GABRIAL THE KING bumped, resulting in both horses becoming badly unbalanced. Then approaching the 1500 Metres, FOLLOW THE MONEY was awkwardly placed close to the heels of NOBLE FLIER when racing tight inside GABRIAL THE KING. In the early stages, MOUNT VICTORY proved difficult to settle and near the 1400 Metres lost ground when checked away from the heels of GABRIAL THE KING which shifted out. In the early and middle stages, CASA JUNIOR proved very difficult to settle and got its head up on a number of occasions. After the 1200 Metres, GOLD FORTUNE and GLOBAL FAME were crowded for room inside HORSESHOE FORTUNE which improved to be racing tight inside the heels of REALLY THE BEST. After this, HORSESHOE FORTUNE was shifted out to relieve the tightening to GLOBAL FAME and GOLD FORTUNE. Passing the 1200 Metres, MOUNT VICTORY became unbalanced when awkwardly placed close to the heels of GABRIAL THE KING. CLEMENT SPIRIT, which was following, was checked away from the heels of MOUNT VICTORY in consequence. Passing the 1000 Metres, LUCKY ARMY momentarily raced tight inside FUN AND FAST. Approaching the 900 Metres, MOUNT VICTORY commenced to over-race and shifted in abruptly across the heels of FOLLOW THE MONEY, resulting in MOUNT VICTORY losing ground and CLEMENT SPIRIT again being hampered in consequence. Passing the 100 Metres, GOLD FORTUNE was shifted out away from the heels of CASA JUNIOR. Throughout the race, FIERY PATROL travelled wide and without cover. When questioned regarding his riding of REALLY THE BEST between the start and the 800 Metres, M L Yeung stated that he had been asked to ride the horse positively in the early stages and if possible, from barrier 13, to obtain a position with cover behind the leaders. He said it was explained to him that REALLY THE BEST had performed well at it most recent start when ridden with cover and it was hoped that the horse would obtain a more forward position today. He said as it was at its most recent start REALLY THE BEST was slow to begin today and had to be ridden along to obtain a forward position as instructed. He said passing the 1400 Metres he shifted across to race beside CASA JUNIOR and as HORSESHOE FORTUNE was positioned behind him at this time, he attempted to obtain a position behind CASA JUNIOR and in front of GLOBAL FAME. He said as he was doing this, HORSESHOE FORTUNE improved its position to be racing to the inside of the heels of REALLY THE BEST near the 1200 Metres and this prevented him from obtaining a position with cover behind CASA JUNIOR. He added as the tempo of the race was only slow at this time, he did give consideration to going forward on REALLY THE BEST, however, he was reluctant to do this as he had ridden the horse along in the early stages and then steadied it in an attempt to find cover and he did not believe it would be in the best interests of REALLY THE BEST to then recommence riding the horse along to take up a position in the lead. He said as REALLY THE BEST was travelling comfortably, he elected to remain racing in a three wide position outside CASA JUNIOR. He said he had ridden JOYFUL WINNER II at its last start and as he had been asked to ride that horse positively on that occasion, he felt that these tactics would again be adopted today. He said when he observed that JOYFUL WINNER II was positioned inside CASA JUNIOR, he did not believe that the rider of that horse would allow REALLY THE BEST to cross to the outright lead and he felt that REALLY THE BEST would only be able to obtain a position outside JOYFUL WINNER II. He added prior to the Home Turn he commenced to ride REALLY THE BEST along as it came off the bridle at this time and he also attempted to prevent GLOBAL FAME from shifting out to his inside. He said however that REALLY THE BEST was not travelling well enough to prevent GLOBAL FAME from shifting out and then in the Straight finished off the race one-paced. Trainer D Cruz advised the Stewards that he had become concerned regarding the behaviour manners of REALLY THE BEST which was slow to begin at its most recent start. He said his stable had exposed REALLY THE BEST to further barrier practice in an attempt to have it begin better today. He confirmed that he asked Jockey Yeung to position REALLY THE BEST with cover if possible as the horse had performed well at its last start when ridden this way and it was up towards the top of the weights in today’s race. M L Yeung was severely reprimanded over his riding of REALLY THE BEST in the early and middle stages. He was told that whilst he has an obligation to attempt to ride to his instructions, he must, wherever circumstances permit, adapt to the circumstances of the race and, in the opinion of the Stewards, he had erred by failing to improve his position when it was apparent to him that he would not be able to obtain cover as instructed. He was advised that he should have allowed REALLY THE BEST to improve its position forward of CASA JUNIOR and either obtain a position in the lead or race outside the leader JOYFUL WINNER II. He was further advised that this ride was not up to the standard expected of a rider of his experience and that he must, at all times, ride his mounts in such a manner so as to ensure that they are able to finish off their races and do not cover unnecessary ground. Mr Cruz was told that his explanation would be accepted. A veterinary inspection of GABRIAL THE KING immediately following the race including an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of mucopus in the horse's trachea and found the horse to be mildly lame in the right hind leg. The performance of GABRIAL THE KING, which finished tailed out, was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, GABRIAL THE KING will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. After the race, the Veterinary Officer reported that MOUNT VICTORY had lost its right hind plate, that CASA JUNIOR had lost its right hind plate and had sustained multiple cuts to the right hind cannon and that FIERY PATROL was lame in the right front leg. Before being allowed to race again, FIERY PATROL will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of REALLY THE BEST immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. NOBLE FLIER, GLOBAL FAME and LUCKY ARMY were sent for sampling.

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