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05/10/2014  Class 5  Shatin  Turf  A  1600m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.71)   Rating: 040 - 015   Section Time: (24.50)  (23.98)  (24.61)  (23.28)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 2 SUPREME PROFIT J Moreira C S Shum 7 133 39 23 1-3/4 1:36:37 5.8 8-8-8-1 25.38   23.86   24.37   22.76  

2 9 GOLD TALENT H W Lai A Lee 2 128 36 -5 1-3/4 1:36:64 14 7-7-6-2 25.22   23.94   24.37   23.11  

3 4 MONEY CAFE Z Purton C H Yip 5 132 38 2 1:36:70 9.6 2-2-2-3 24.78   23.82   24.57   23.53  

4 1 FLYING IN C Y Ho K L Man 10 131 39 5-3/4 1:37:29 8.2 9-9-9-4 25.46   23.98   24.25   23.60  

5 7 KING'S FOLKS N Callan C W Chang 1 131 37 6-1/4 1:37:37 5.6 6-6-7-5 25.14   23.90   24.53   23.80  

6 6 HAPPY KAISER B Prebble K L Man 9 131 37 6-1/4 1:37:38 9.1 3-3-3-6 24.82   23.86   24.53   24.17  

7 10 MISTER MARC Y T Cheng Y S Tsui 6 130 36 6-3/4 1:37:43 18 1-1-1-7 24.50   23.98   24.61   24.34  

8 5 MY CUP OVERFLOWS K Teetan R Gibson 3 132 38 7-1/4 1:37:54 5.1 4-4-4-8 24.90   23.94   24.57   24.13  

9 8 TELEPHATIA M Chadwick P O'Sullivan 8 131 37 30 8 1:37:63 62 10-10-10-9 25.58   23.86   24.37   23.82  

10 11 ALL MY BENEFIT D Whyte T K Ng 4 117 23 8-1/2 1:37:71 5.1 5-5-5-10 25.02   23.90   24.53   24.26  

3 COOL PAL L Ho 3 132 38 --

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
COOL PAL was withdrawn on 4.10.14 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (elevated muscle enzymes). Before being allowed to race again, COOL PAL will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. KING’S FOLKS was slow to begin. MY CUP OVERFLOWS was crowded for room at the start between GOLD TALENT and ALL MY BENEFIT. MONEY CAFE and MISTER MARC bumped heavily at the start as did SUPREME PROFIT and TELEPHATIA. Near the 550 Metres, GOLD TALENT became badly unbalanced after being bumped on the hindquarters by SUPREME PROFIT (J Moreira) which shifted out into tight running between GOLD TALENT and KING’S FOLKS. FLYING IN, which was following GOLD TALENT, was inconvenienced in consequence. In this incident, SUPREME PROFIT also became unbalanced. J Moreira was severely reprimanded and advised that whilst the Stewards encourage competitive riding, nonetheless when shifting ground he must ensure that he does not do so to the detriment of other runners. SUPREME PROFIT was held up for clear running in the early part of the Straight and near the 400 Metres shifted in and made contact with KING’S FOLKS. Approaching the 300 Metres, ALL MY BENEFIT momentarily raced in restricted room between GOLD TALENT and MY CUP OVERFLOWS. Approaching the 200 Metres, HAPPY KAISER, which was commencing to give ground, was bumped by SUPREME PROFIT which shifted out into clear running. When questioned, B Prebble stated that whilst he had not been under any specific instructions on how to ride HAPPY KAISER, it was felt that if he was able to obtain a handy position with some cover from barrier 9, this would allow the horse the best opportunity to finish off its race, particularly given that it was carrying 131 lbs. He said in the early stages he rode his mount along in an endeavour to obtain a position behind MONEY CAFE with cover, however, after persisting in an endeavour to obtain this position, he was left racing three wide without cover when ALL MY BENEFIT maintained its position to his inside. He said whilst he did give consideration to going forward at this time, he felt that the pace was satisfactory and that the rider of MONEY CAFE would likely continue forward with HAPPY KAISER which would mean that HAPPY KAISER was left doing work and still having to race in a three wide position without cover. He added therefore he elected to ensure the horse remained balanced and consequently HAPPY KAISER was required to race wide and without cover throughout the race. B Prebble was advised that his explanation would be noted, however, given the tempo of the race after the 1200 Metres, in the opinion of the Stewards, HAPPY KAISER’s interests would have been best served by being allowed to improve its position at this time of the race to see if it was possible to cross MONEY CAFE rather than continuing to race in a three wide position. When questioned, D Whyte stated that ALL MY BENEFIT was disappointing given that it enjoyed a good run behind the speed, however, when asked for an effort in the Straight ALL MY BENEFIT did not quicken and then failed to close off the race. A veterinary inspection of ALL MY BENEFIT immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of MY CUP OVERFLOWS, K Teetan stated that he had been asked to ride the horse positively and obtain a forward position. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode his mount along in the early stages and was able to obtain a good position behind the speed. He said MY CUP OVERFLOWS travelled well and at the entrance to the Straight he shifted the horse to the outside of runners to make its finishing run. He said MY CUP OVERFLOWS came under pressure a short distance after this and rather than quicken in the early part of the Straight the horse then finished off the race only one-paced. A veterinary inspection of MY CUP OVERFLOWS immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of KING’S FOLKS immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. ALL MY BENEFIT, SUPREME PROFIT and GOLD TALENT were sent for sampling. < 6/10/2014 Additional Veterinary Report> MY CUP OVERFLOWS, which performed poorly, was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said at that time there were no significant findings. MY CUP OVERFLOWS was again examined by the Veterinary Officer at the stables of Trainer R Gibson this morning. He said at this time he noted the horse to be lame in its right front leg. Before being allowed to race again, MY CUP OVERFLOWS will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.

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() - Order of Trainer Preference
MA288 Rating - Included Handicap Adjustment
- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
- Placed in wet track
- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
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