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31/03/2021  Class 5  Shatin  All Weather Track    1200m   Going: GOOD  (9.17)    Rating: 040 - 024   Section Time: (23.70)  (22.68)  (23.27)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 1 LITTLE THUNDER K Teetan A T Millard 9 133 40 0 2-1/2 1:09:65 3.4 6-3-1 24.06  22.48  23.11 

2 9 THE ABRAXAS M F Poon Y S Tsui 6 123 32 -24 2-1/2 1:10:04 6.2 3-2-2 23.86  22.52  23.66 

3 12 KA YING BRILLIANCE M Chadwick T P Yung 2 117 24 -30 2-1/2 1:10:05 37 8-7-3 24.10  22.68  23.27 

4 10 EVER STRONG K H Chan K L Man 7 113 26 -50 3-1/4 1:10:15 12 11-9-4 24.22  22.64  23.29 

5 7 YEE CHEONG LUCKY C Y Ho C S Shum 5 127 34 2 5 1:10:46 12 5-5-5 24.02  22.60  23.84 

6 3 SMART CHARADE Z Purton W Y So 3 132 39 -41 6-1/2 1:10:68 6.2 10-10-6 24.22  22.68  23.78 

7 6 FOX CHEUNGER T Piccone K W Lui 11 127 34 -17 7-1/4 1:10:80 61 9-11-7 24.18  22.84  23.78 

8 5 WINNING STRIKES K C Leung P O'Sullivan 1 130 37 20 8 1:10:91 5.9 2-4-8 23.86  22.72  24.33 

9 11 FOR FUN'S SAKE M L Yeung C Fownes 8 117 24 4 9-1/4 1:11:11 27 7-8-9 24.06  22.72  24.33 

10 2 ATHENA C Schofield C H Yip 12 132 39 22 9-1/2 1:11:16 41 12-12-10 24.26  22.88  24.02 

11 8 RED MAJESTY B Shinn D A Hayes 4 126 33 20 9-1/2 1:11:17 28 4-6-11 23.98  22.64  24.55 

12 4 DR PROACTIVE J Moreira K H Ting 10 130 37 -17 11-3/4 1:11:51 7.9 1-1-12 23.70  22.68  25.13 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
Trainer C H Yip was fined $3,000 for presenting ATHENA in the Parade Ring without a parade hood, part of that horse’s declared gear. RED MAJESTY began only fairly. YEE CHEONG LUCKY and THE ABRAXAS bumped at the start. LITTLE THUNDER shifted in on jumping and bumped FOR FUN’S SAKE. From the outside barrier, ATHENA was steadied in the early stages and shifted across behind runners. Near the 1100 Metres, SMART CHARADE was bumped on the hindquarters by RED MAJESTY which shifted in after being brushed by YEE CHEONG LUCKY. When racing very wide, FOR FUN’S SAKE was steadied after the 1000 Metres to obtain cover. Also after the 1000 Metres, FOX CHEUNGER was steadied when racing wide in an attempt to obtain cover, however, for the majority of the race travelled wide and without cover. Near the 800 Metres, ATHENA was steadied away from the heels of FOR FUN’S SAKE which, when continuing to be steadied, was taken wider by YEE CHEONG LUCKY which was taken out by THE ABRAXAS. Near the 650 Metres, KA YING BRILLIANCE got its head on the side and lay out towards the heels of RED MAJESTY, resulting in KA YING BRILLIANCE losing ground. Passing the 600 Metres, YEE CHEONG LUCKY raced tight between THE ABRAXAS and LITTLE THUNDER. Passing the 400 Metres, KA YING BRILLIANCE was awkwardly placed behind WINNING STRIKES when obtaining a tight run to the inside of that horse. Near the 250 Metres, the whip of Apprentice K H Chan (EVER STRONG) was knocked from his grasp by the whip of M L Yeung (FOR FUN’S SAKE). As Apprentice Chan attempted to regather his whip, he inadvertently took hold of the end of M L Yeung’s whip. Apprentice Chan said when he became aware that it was not his whip that he was holding onto, he immediately let go of Jockey Yeung’s whip. Passing the 200 Metres, KA YING BRILLIANCE was shifted out away from the heels of DR PROACTIVE which was giving ground. Throughout the race, LITTLE THUNDER travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, J Moreira stated that when proceeding to the barriers on DR PROACTIVE, his mount did not feel comfortable in its action. He said whilst he was not able to identify any particular aspect of the horse’s action that gave him concern, he felt that it was not proceeding to the Start as strongly as it should do and therefore he referred the matter to the Veterinary Officer located at the Start. He said the Veterinary Officer reported that an examination of DR PROACTIVE did not reveal any significant findings and therefore after the necessary consultations the horse was found to be suitable to race. J Moreira stated that he rode his mount positively for some distance in the early stages to obtain a forward position, however, DR PROACTIVE did not travel strongly at any stage of the race. He said at the entrance to the Straight he placed DR PROACTIVE under heavy pressure, however, the horse did not respond as he anticipated and was commencing to give ground after the 300 Metres. He said he was in the process of using the whip for the third time approaching the 200 Metres when DR PROACTIVE faltered in its action. He added as he had considerable concerns over the horse’s welfare, he immediately took hold of his mount and eased it down over the concluding stages. He said when easing the horse down, its action continued to deteriorate. He said whilst after the race he was again not able to identify any particular area of concerns, the horse’s action felt to him that had he continued to place DR PROACTIVE under pressure, this may have resulted in a welfare issue. He further stated that he had ridden DR PROACTIVE in a piece of work in the lead up to tonight’s race and the horse did not give him any concerns during this work. A veterinary inspection of DR PROACTIVE immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. Having regard to the evidence of Jockey Moreira and the video footage, the Stewards ruled that prior to being permitted to race again, DR PROACTIVE must undergo a series of satisfactory consecutive barrier trials and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of WINNING STRIKES, K C Leung stated that after being able to obtain a forward position, his mount travelled keenly when being steadied to obtain cover behind DR PROACTIVE. He said his mount continued to travel strongly in the middle stages and would not relax. He said WINNING STRIKES came under pressure in the early part of the Straight and did not quicken as he anticipated. He said WINNING STRIKES was staying on only fairly in the early part of the Straight and when KA YING BRILLIANCE improved to the inside of WINNING STRIKES, his mount got its head on the side and lay out away from that horse and then gave ground after this. A veterinary inspection of WINNING STRIKES immediately following the race found the horse to be lame in the right front leg. Before being allowed to race again, WINNING STRIKES will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of SMART CHARADE immediately following the race found the horse to be lame in the right front leg. Before being allowed to race again, SMART CHARADE will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. After the race, the Veterinary Officer reported that LITTLE THUNDER had sustained a laceration to the left front fetlock. LITTLE THUNDER and THE ABRAXAS were sent for sampling.

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