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16/09/2020  Happy Valley  Race 1

16/09/2020  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  C  1650m   Going: GOOD  (2.72)   Rating: 056 - 044   Section Time: (27.35)  (23.51)  (24.45)  (23.72)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 5 ALL YOU KNOW K Teetan R Gibson 4 124 50 6 N 1:39:03 8.6 6-6-6-1 28.23  23.27  24.21  23.32 

2 7 PLAY WISE M F Poon C H Yip 3 120 48 -30 N 1:39:09 9.5 4-4-4-2 27.83  23.35  24.33  23.58 

3 4 TELECOM ROCKET A Hamelin Y S Tsui 2 126 52 15 1 1:39:21 5.2 3-3-3-3 27.59  23.51  24.37  23.74 

4 8 EXALTATION K C Leung A S Cruz 9 120 46 1 2 1:39:35 42 9-9-10-4 28.63  23.27  24.17  23.28 

5 1 DYNAMIC EAGLE C Y Ho C S Shum 6 130 56 18 2 1:39:36 19 8-7-8-5 28.51  23.11  24.25  23.49 

6 6 PERFECT TO PLAY Z Purton C Fownes 5 124 50 -52 2-1/4 1:39:38 5.1 7-8-7-6 28.47  23.23  24.17  23.51 

7 10 STARLIGHT M Chadwick C H Yip 1 118 44 -47 3-1/4 1:39:55 28 5-5-5-7 28.07  23.31  24.25  23.92 

8 9 GO BALLISTIC A Badel D E Ferraris 10 120 46 15 4 1:39:66 6.2 10-10-9-8 28.91  23.03  24.05  23.67 

9 3 SHADOW BREAKER C Schofield K H Ting 7 130 56 31 5-3/4 1:39:94 8.7 2-2-1-9 27.51  23.43  24.37  24.63 

10 2 FOCUS J Moreira P F Yiu 8 130 56 23 21-3/4 1:42:53 4.5 1-1-2-10 27.35  23.51  24.45  27.22 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
TELECOM ROCKET shifted out shortly after the start and brushed the hindquarters of PLAY WISE. From the outside barriers, EXALTATION and GO BALLISTIC were shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Passing the winning post on the first occasion, SHADOW BREAKER momentarily raced tight inside FOCUS. Near the 650 Metres, GO BALLISTIC and EXALTATION bumped. Passing the 400 Metres, PERFECT TO PLAY was hampered when ALL YOU KNOW (K Teetan) shifted to the outside of PLAY WISE to obtain clear running. K Teetan was advised to exercise more care in similar circumstances. Passing the 250 Metres, TELECOM ROCKET raced tight inside SHADOW BREAKER which shifted in. Near the 150 Metres, EXALTATION was directed out away from the heels of DYNAMIC EAGLE which shifted out. When questioned regarding the performance of FOCUS, J Moreira stated that after riding his mount along in the early stages from a wide barrier to clear the field, FOCUS then settled and travelled well in the lead in the middle stages. He said he was happy with the manner in which FOCUS travelled in the middle stages and anticipated that the horse would finish off the race well, particularly given that FOCUS had trialed well when ridden by him in the lead up to tonight’s race. He said passing the 500 Metres he had to commence riding FOCUS along which was at an earlier stage than he expected and FOCUS immediately came off the bridle and did not quicken as he expected. He said FOCUS stayed on one-paced rounding the Home Turn, however, at the entrance to the Straight immediately came under heavy pressure and gave ground noticeably which was of concern to him. He added FOCUS went from a leading position to give ground to be at the rear of the field prior to the 200 Metres and although he did not continue to ride FOCUS out over the concluding stages, it continued to give ground abruptly. He said having regard to the manner in which FOCUS weakened out of the race, he paid special attention to the horse’s action when returning to the unsaddling area, however, he was not able to detect any soundness issues which might explain the horse’s subpar performance. Mr P F Yiu, the trainer of FOCUS, said that following the horse’s disappointing performance at its last run last season, the horse had barrier trialed well in the lead up to tonight’s race. He said FOCUS had done well since its barrier trial and had pleased him. He said based on that trial he anticipated that the horse would perform well tonight. He said however that FOCUS again disappointed him in the manner in which it weakened in the Straight and he was not able to offer any reason for this. A veterinary inspection of FOCUS immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. As this was the second consecutive race start in which FOCUS had weakened out of the race and performed disappointingly, the Stewards ruled that the horse must undertake a series of consecutive satisfactory barrier trials and undergo an official veterinary examination which must include additional diagnostic assessments before being permitted to race again. A veterinary inspection of SHADOW BREAKER and GO BALLISTIC immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. FOCUS, ALL YOU KNOW and PLAY WISE were sent for sampling.

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