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14/11/2018  Happy Valley  Race 4

14/11/2018  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  C  1200m   Going: GOOD  (2.71)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (23.70)  (23.09)  (23.80)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 5 LOOKING GOOD G van Niekerk F C Lor 10 130 57 45 N 1:10:59 54 7-7-1 24.34   23.17   23.08  

2 3 GOLDEN GLORY K C Leung K H Ting 8 131 58 -19 N 1:10:64 34 9-9-2 24.66   23.05   22.93  

3 2 VICTORY POWER C Wong R Gibson 2 125 59 57 N 1:10:66 4.4 3-3-3 23.82   23.21   23.63  

4 7 CHAMPION SUPREME Z Purton C Fownes 3 125 52 58 1/2 1:10:69 2.3 4-2-4 23.98   23.01   23.70  

5 4 LAMAROSA M Chadwick P O'Sullivan 5 131 58 10 3/4 1:10:73 12 5-5-5 24.06   23.17   23.50  

6 10 OPEN HOUSE C Y Ho D J Hall 4 115 44 29 1-3/4 1:10:86 13 8-8-6 24.62   22.93   23.31  

7 8 I'M THE CONQUIST U Rispoli K L Man 11 124 51 2 2 1:10:92 17 10-10-7 24.98   22.93   23.01  

8 9 GRAND HARBOUR W M Lai C W Chang 1 121 48 -114 2-1/4 1:10:94 20 1-1-8 23.70   23.09   24.15  

9 11 MANFUL STAR M L Yeung P F Yiu 7 113 42 33 2-1/2 1:10:99 10 6-6-9 24.30   22.97   23.72  

10 6 C P POWER A Badel A T Millard 9 127 54 6 3 1:11:08 54 11-11-10 25.06   22.89   23.13  

11 12 RUMBA DELAGO H T Mo Y S Tsui 12 110 42 55 3-3/4 1:11:17 268 12-12-11 25.34   22.81   23.02  

12 1 NOBLE DELIGHT K Teetan J Size 6 133 60 49 5-3/4 1:11:53 8.1 2-4-12 23.78   23.25   24.50  

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
G van Niekerk (LOOKING GOOD) was fined the sum of $2,000 for presenting himself to be weighed out with the incorrect saddle cloth number. CHAMPION SUPREME began only fairly. LAMAROSA shifted in at the start and bumped OPEN HOUSE Shortly after the start, NOBLE DELIGHT shifted out, resulting in MANFUL STAR being taken out onto GOLDEN GLORY and causing C P POWER to be crowded for room inside GOLDEN GLORY which became unbalanced when bumped on the hindquarters by C P POWER After this, both GOLDEN GLORY and C P POWER were shifted across behind runners to obtain cover. From the outside barriers, I’M THE CONQUIST and RUMBA DELAGO were shifted across behind runners in the early stages. After the 300 Metres, MANFUL STAR was shifted in away from the heels of CHAMPION SUPREME in an attempt to obtain clear running. Approaching the 150 Metres, OPEN HOUSE raced tight inside NOBLE DELIGHT which was giving ground. The whip carried by C Y Ho, the rider of OPEN HOUSE, became entangled in the reins when being changed into his right hand passing the 100 Metres. Near the 50 Metres, RUMBA DELAGO was shifted in away from the heels of MANFUL STAR which was awkwardly placed close to the heels of CHAMPION SUPREME. Neither RUMBA DELAGO nor MANFUL STAR was able to be fully tested over the concluding stages. OPEN HOUSE was unable to be ridden out all the way to the end of the race when disappointed for a run between VICTORY POWER which shifted out after being brushed by CHAMPION SUPREME and LAMAROSA which shifted in. Throughout the race, NOBLE DELIGHT travelled wide and without cover and in the Straight gave ground. When questioned regarding the improved performance of LOOKING GOOD, Mr F C Lor, trainer of the horse, stated that despite working well in the early part of this season, LOOKING GOOD’s two starts this time in had both been very disappointing. He said because of this he applied blinkers to LOOKING GOOD in a barrier trial in the lead up to tonight’s race and whilst the barrier trial, in his opinion, was just satisfactory, the horse had picked up in its track work since the trial with the blinkers continuing to be carried in a number of pieces of track work. He said he also elected to race LOOKING GOOD at Happy Valley for the first time tonight in the hope that it might find an easier race than would be the case were it to race at Sha Tin. He added, in his opinion, the application of the blinkers together with racing at Happy Valley for the first occasion were the principal reasons for the horse’s improved performance. When questioned regarding his riding of VICTORY POWER, Apprentice C Wong stated that he was instructed to utilize the horse’s inside barrier and either lead or take a trailing position if other horses showed more speed than VICTORY POWER. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode VICTORY POWER along in the early stages to ensure that the horse was able to obtain a forward position. He said making the turn after the 1000 Metres he was racing outside the leader GRAND HARBOUR and inside NOBLE DELIGHT. He said NOBLE DELIGHT took some time to muster speed sufficient to cross VICTORY POWER and after the 900 Metres VICTORY POWER commenced to travel keenly. He said when NOBLE DELIGHT did not proceed forward of VICTORY POWER, he believed he would have had to restrain the horse too heavily to allow NOBLE DELIGHT to cross VICTORY POWER and take a trailing position and therefore he continued to hold his position between GRAND HARBOUR and NOBLE DELIGHT. He said it was not until near the 600 Metres when NOBLE DELIGHT commenced to gain more of an advantage over VICTORY POWER, however, at this time he was reluctant to allow that horse to cross given it was at a late stage of the race. Apprentice Wong was advised that his explanation would be reported, however, having in mind his instructions that it was acceptable for him to take a trailing position, in the circumstances he should have made an attempt to steady VICTORY POWER to take a trailing position behind NOBLE DELIGHT which would have allowed VICTORY POWER the opportunity to obtain cover and to shift to the outside of NOBLE DELIGHT at a later stage of the race to obtain clear running. After the race, U Rispoli reported that I’M THE CONQUIST was making an abnormal respiratory noise during the race. An endoscopic examination of I’M THE CONQUIST showed a substantial amount of blood in its trachea. Before being allowed to race again, I’M THE CONQUIST will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. After the race, it was noted that LAMAROSA had bled from both nostrils. A veterinary inspection of NOBLE DELIGHT immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. CHAMPION SUPREME, LOOKING GOOD and GOLDEN GLORY were sent for sampling.

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() - Order of Trainer Preference
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- Gain benefit in rating
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