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03/06/2018  Shatin  Race 6

03/06/2018  Class 3  Shatin  Turf  B  1600m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.71)   Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (24.54)  (22.43)  (23.06)  (24.09)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 5 MAGNETISM Z Purton D E Ferraris 5 127 72 18 3 1:34:12 5.5 7-8-8-1 25.34  22.39  22.94  23.45 

2 3 SUPER FORM C Wong A T Millard 11 120 75 22 3 1:34:60 5.4 8-7-7-2 25.38  22.31  22.94  23.97 

3 4 SLEEP EDUCATION N Callan D E Ferraris 13 129 74 28 3-1/4 1:34:63 15 10-10-10-3 25.58  22.39  22.82  23.84 

4 13 GREAT TREASURE K Teetan A Lee 12 115 60 -7 3-1/4 1:34:65 20 13-12-13-4 25.90  22.27  22.98  23.50 

5 12 RACING LUCK M Chadwick K W Lui 6 118 63 57 3-1/4 1:34:65 119 3-4-3-5 24.70  22.55  23.06  24.34 

6 1 GO BEAUTY GO J Moreira J Moore 3 133 78 27 3-3/4 1:34:73 2.5 2-2-1-6 24.62  22.35  23.06  24.70 

7 11 CROWN AVENUE T H So C H Yip 1 116 63 27 4 1:34:75 29 5-5-4-7 24.94  22.47  22.98  24.36 

8 9 WINWIN RUBY A Sanna K L Man 4 120 65 42 5 1:34:92 23 6-6-5-8 24.98  22.51  23.10  24.33 

9 8 HO HO FEEL W M Lai C H Yip 8 121 66 10 5-1/2 1:35:00 36 12-13-11-9 25.90  22.27  22.74  24.09 

10 10 AMAZING AGILITY K C Leung L Ho 2 119 64 -13 6 1:35:09 7.1 9-9-9-10 25.42  22.35  23.02  24.30 

11 6 GINO SEVERINI T Berry M J Freedman 10 125 70 39 7-1/4 1:35:30 17 1-1-2-11 24.54  22.43  23.22  25.11 

12 2 DARK KNIGHT M L Yeung W Y So 7 128 75 75 8 1:35:41 65 11-11-12-12 25.66  22.43  22.90  24.42 

13 7 PERFECT TO PLAY K C Ng W Y So 9 119 67 33 10-1/4 1:35:78 223 4-3-6-13 24.82  22.39  23.38  25.19 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
On arrival at the Start, SLEEP EDUCATION, which was fractious in the Parade Ring, was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said the horse was suitable to race. AMAZING AGILITY began only fairly. DARK KNIGHT began awkwardly, shifted in and bumped the hindquarters of RACING LUCK which became unbalanced. DARK KNIGHT then shifted out, resulting in HO HO FEEL being steadied when crowded for room inside PERFECT TO PLAY which also became unbalanced after being bumped on the hindquarters by HO HO FEEL. From the outside barriers, SLEEP EDUCATION and GREAT TREASURE were shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Also from a wide barrier, SUPER FORM was steadied in the early stages to obtain cover. DARK KNIGHT lost its right front plate near the 1100 Metres. Passing the 400 Metres, SLEEP EDUCATION was shifted in away from the heels of PERFECT TO PLAY. SLEEP EDUCATION then had some difficulty obtaining clear running and passing the 250 Metres was directed to the inside of GINO SEVERINI to continue improving. Approaching the 200 Metres, SLEEP EDUCATION shifted in away from the heels of CROWN AVENUE and bumped AMAZING AGILITY, causing both horses to become unbalanced. Also approaching the 200 Metres, SUPER FORM shifted in when awkwardly placed outside the heels of RACING LUCK, resulting in Apprentice C Wong, the rider of SUPER FORM, having to stop riding and shift that horse out away from the heels of RACING LUCK. Approaching the 100 Metres, GO BEAUTY GO shifted out, resulting in its rider, J Moreira, having to stop riding and straighten. GO BEAUTY GO then shifted in after the 100 Metres and inconvenienced SLEEP EDUCATION. Throughout the race, PERFECT TO PLAY travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, T Berry (GINO SEVERINI) stated that he was instructed to ride the horse positively in the early stages and obtain a forward position. He said it was explained to him that GINO SEVERINI is one-paced and that with an anticipated lack of speed in the race the horse may be disadvantaged by being ridden back in the field. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode GINO SEVERINI along for a considerable distance in the early stages to obtain a forward position. He said he had to continue to ride GINO SEVERINI along approaching and passing the 1300 Metres to clear RACING LUCK to his inside. He said passing the 1200 Metres he was aware that he provided RACING LUCK with just enough clearance and therefore he was reluctant to immediately take hold of his mount as he did not want to place RACING LUCK in an awkward position behind GINO SEVERINI. He added this resulted in GINO SEVERINI racing slightly in advance of GO BEAUTY GO. He said in the middle stages GO BEAUTY GO, after initially racing slightly behind GINO SEVERINI, was allowed to improve its position to be racing on terms with his mount after the 900 Metres. He added GINO SEVERINI and GO BEAUTY GO subsequently raced on terms until rounding the Home Turn at which time GINO SEVERINI came under pressure and then weakened in the Straight. Mr M J Freedman, the trainer of GINO SEVERINI, confirmed that his instructions were to ride that horse positively. He said he anticipated that only GO BEAUTY GO would show pace and that stepping up in distance today provided GINO SEVERINI with the opportunity to obtain a forward position and sit outside the anticipated leader of the race GO BEAUTY GO. After having considered all the evidence, the Stewards reprimanded T Berry and informed him that whilst they accepted that he had to make some use of GINO SEVERINI to cross RACING LUCK after the 1200 Metres, there was an opportunity for him to steady the tempo gradually and sit off GO BEAUTY GO rather than continue to race directly to that horse’s outside in the middle stages which resulted in the race being run at a fast tempo. T Berry was advised to ensure that he rides his mounts in such a manner to provide them with the best opportunity to finish off their races. Following the race, A Sanna expressed concern regarding the action of WINWIN RUBY. A veterinary inspection of WINWIN RUBY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. Before being allowed to race again, WINWIN RUBY will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of AMAZING AGILITY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious. GO BEAUTY GO, MAGNETISM and SUPER FORM were sent for sampling.

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