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28/01/2018  Shatin  Race 10

28/01/2018  Class 3  Shatin  Turf  B  1600m   Going: GOOD  (2.71)   Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (24.79)  (22.89)  (24.62)  (23.42)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 11 UNICRON JEWELLERY J Moreira J Size 2 120 65 62 1-1/2 1:35:72 6.2 5-3-2-1 25.03  22.89  24.50  23.30 

2 9 LADY FIRST Z Purton M J Freedman 13 124 69 56 1-1/2 1:35:98 6.8 6-6-4-2 25.11  23.21  24.26  23.40 

2 12 SACRED IBIS K Teetan P O'Sullivan 3 119 64 73 1-1/2 1:35:98 3.3 8-9-10-2 25.35  23.17  24.30  23.16 

4 13 SMILING CHARM H N Wong C W Chang 1 112 62 44 2-3/4 1:36:16 14 9-7-5-4 25.39  23.01  24.22  23.54 

5 3 NEW ELEGANCE A Badel F C Lor 4 131 76 58 3 1:36:21 4.6 10-10-8-5 25.63  23.05  24.06  23.47 

6 7 DARING FIT K C Ng A S Cruz 6 122 70 53 3-3/4 1:36:33 8.9 2-1-1-6 24.79  22.89  24.62  24.03 

7 10 KIRAM D Whyte D E Ferraris 8 120 65 19 4-3/4 1:36:50 49 13-13-11-7 25.87  23.13  23.82  23.68 

8 1 GREEN ENERGY K C Leung L Ho 9 131 78 58 5 1:36:52 17 7-8-9-8 25.15  23.29  24.34  23.74 

9 5 AMAZING AGILITY P-C Boudot D E Ferraris 7 127 72 -4 5-1/4 1:36:58 10 12-12-13-9 25.79  23.13  24.10  23.56 

10 2 FEARLESS FIRE U Rispoli C H Yip 5 132 77 44 7-3/4 1:36:94 183 11-11-12-10 25.71  22.97  24.22  24.04 

11 8 RIGHTEOUS MATE A Sanna K W Lui 12 125 70 35 8-1/2 1:37:06 296 1-2-3-11 24.79  23.09  24.62  24.56 

12 4 WINWIN RUBY T Berry K L Man 10 129 74 53 12-1/2 1:37:70 43 3-5-7-12 24.91  23.21  24.62  24.96 

13 6 BULLISH GLORY C Y Ho A S Cruz 11 123 70 80 12-1/2 1:37:74 227 4-4-6-13 24.95  23.13  24.62  25.04 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
As the start was effected, SMILING CHARM lifted its front feet off the ground and consequently was slow to begin. SACRED IBIS shifted out at the start and bumped NEW ELEGANCE which in turn shifted out and hampered FEARLESS FIRE. BULLISH GLORY and RIGHTEOUS MATE bumped heavily at the start, resulting in both horses becoming badly unbalanced. KIRAM was steadied in the early stages and shifted across behind runners. Passing the 1200 Metres, BULLISH GLORY was steadied away from the heels of RIGHTEOUS MATE (A Sanna) which shifted in when not properly clear. A Sanna was severely reprimanded and advised to ensure that he is fully clear when shifting ground in similar circumstances. Passing the 1000 Metres, NEW ELEGANCE was steadied away from the heels of SACRED IBIS (K Teetan) which shifted in away from the heels of GREEN ENERGY which gave ground when being steadied in an attempt to obtain cover behind LADY FIRST. K Teetan was advised that in the circumstances the Stewards did not believe that a charge of careless riding was appropriate having regard to the influence of GREEN ENERGY giving ground in advance of his mount at this time, nonetheless he was advised to ensure that he makes every endeavour to avoid causing interference to other runners in similar circumstances. Approaching the 700 Metres, SACRED IBIS was shifted out and was awkwardly placed inside the heels of GREEN ENERGY. NEW ELEGANCE, which was following, was inconvenienced in consequence. After this, SACRED IBIS and GREEN ENERGY raced tight as SACRED IBIS was awkwardly placed close to the heels of LADY FIRST. At the entrance to the Straight, BULLISH GLORY shifted out abruptly after being brushed by WINWIN RUBY and in doing so made heavy contact with LADY FIRST, causing that horse to become unbalanced and BULLISH GLORY to become badly unbalanced. BULLISH GLORY then shifted in and made heavy contact with WINWIN RUBY which was hampered. FEARLESS FIRE, which was following BULLISH GLORY, was checked in consequence and AMAZING AGILITY, which was following WINWIN RUBY, was inconvenienced. Whilst this incident was one of some significance, the Stewards were satisfied that there was no rider carelessness involved and as such no further action was taken. BULLISH GLORY travelled wide and without cover for the majority of the race. UNICRON JEWELLERY, LADY FIRST and SACRED IBIS were sent for sampling. <31/1/2018 28 January 2018 Sha Tin Racemeeting – Race 10 (382)>The Stewards tonight inquired into a report submitted by Dr P Curl, Executive Manager, Veterinary Regulation regarding LADY FIRST (B13), trained by Mr M J Freedman, which competed in this race. Evidence was taken from Mr Freedman, Dr P Curl, Mr K W Lee, head lad, and Mr K H Tsang, stables assistant allocated to Mr Freedman’s stable. It was established that on return to the stable following being sampled as a result of finishing second in this race, Mr Tsang detected a small amount of blood in the left nostril of LADY FIRST. Mr Freedman was then advised at about 7:50 pm that night that the stables assistant had noted there to be a small amount of blood in this nostril. Mr Freedman tonight gave evidence that as the blood was only present at one nostril and that he was informed that there was only a small amount of blood, he made the decision not to report the matter at that time, but rather to report it to his Veterinary Surgeon the following day. Mr Freedman advised the Stewards that he was unaware of the obligation to inform Officials of blood at one nostril, rather than at both nostrils, however, readily admitted that he should have been aware of this requirement. Dr A Kelly, the Veterinary Surgeon allocated to Mr Freedman’s stable, was subsequently informed the following day of the blood being present at one nostril with Dr Kelly then further reporting the matter to Dr Curl. Dr Curl informed the Stewards that he conducted an endoscopic examination of LADY FIRST at about 4:20 pm on the afternoon of Monday, 29 January 2018. He said that there was no evidence of blood or blood tinged fluid in the trachea of LADY FIRST at that time of examination and further that there was no evidence of any obvious external injury to the head or nostril. Dr Curl provided an opinion that for blood to have been present at the nostril of a horse, in an overwhelming majority of cases, this would be as a result of grade 3 or grade 4 blood being present in the trachea. He said it is his experience that any horse which has been found to have bled as a result of having grade 3 or grade 4 blood in the trachea would still have evidence of blood or blood tinged fluid in the trachea the following day. Further, Dr Curl informed the Stewards that LADY FIRST had been subject to six endoscopic examinations since being imported into Hong Kong, the majority of which were performed after galloping and that no blood had previously been detected. Having regard to Dr Curl’s evidence which was supported by Dr B D Stewart, Head of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity Policy and the fact that when LADY FIRST was sampled post-race, there was no evidence of blood in the nostril, the Stewards found that there was not sufficient evidence to rule that LADY FIRST had bled following the race and accordingly that horse was deemed not to have bled. Mr Freedman was advised however that to ensure all welfare and safety issues are accommodated, before being permitted to race again, LADY FIST must undergo an endoscopic examination after galloping in track work and then must undergo a barrier trial and an official veterinary examination which must include an endoscopic examination by the Department of Veterinary Regulation and Biosecurity Policy. Mr Freedman accepted that he had erred in not immediately informing Officials that blood had been noted at LADY FIRST’s left nostril on return to the stable, however, in mitigation, stated that at no time did he attempt to conceal from Stewards or Veterinary Departments as to the fact that a trace amount of blood was noted; that he had brought this matter to the attention of the Veterinary Surgeon the following day and that he is currently in his first season of training in Hong Kong. In the circumstances, the Stewards believed the appropriate penalty was for Mr Freedman to be fined the sum of $25,000.

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