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19/02/2014  Happy Valley  Race 7

19/02/2014  Class 3  Happy Valley  Turf  C  1650m   Going: GOOD  (2.71)   Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (27.78)  (23.55)  (25.45)  (23.55)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 1 ENTHUSIASM K Teetan D E Ferraris 2 132 75 1/2 1:40:33 6.1 6-6-5-1 28.42   23.71   24.89   23.31  

2 4 JAZZY FEELING D Whyte R Gibson 4 128 71 1/2 1:40:44 2.4 8-7-8-2 28.66   23.71   24.93   23.14  

3 2 WINNIE'S HORSE J Moreira K W Lui 8 132 75 3/4 1:40:45 7.1 10-9-9-3 29.18   23.43   24.77   23.07  

4 5 KA YING KID N Callan T P Yung 6 128 71 10 2 1:40:66 9.5 7-8-7-4 28.66   23.71   24.89   23.40  

5 6 CALLING WITH LOVE Z Purton C Fownes 11 126 69 2-1/2 1:40:73 6.9 12-11-11-5 29.46   23.39   24.73   23.15  

6 7 MEGA CHAMPION K C Leung A S Cruz 5 120 65 4 1:40:96 48 4-3-3-6 28.14   23.71   25.01   24.10  

7 10 ONE OF A KIND T H So C H Yip 12 117 62 4-1/4 1:41:01 15 9-10-10-7 28.94   23.71   24.81   23.55  

8 11 SIGHT LOVER W C Marwing W Y So 10 119 62 6-1/4 1:41:34 23 1-1-2-8 27.78   23.55   25.45   24.56  

9 3 EMPEROR CLAUDIUS B Prebble J Size 3 129 72 6-1/4 1:41:34 15 3-4-4-9 28.10   23.75   25.17   24.32  

10 12 FURIO M Demuro P F Yiu 9 118 61 6-1/2 1:41:36 39 2-2-1-10 27.82   23.55   25.41   24.58  

11 8 ELEGANCE KLAMMER C Y Ho A Schutz 7 119 64 7 1:41:44 74 11-12-12-11 29.42   23.47   24.85   23.70  

12 9 SUPERNINSKY A Suborics C W Chang 1 121 64 10-3/4 1:42:07 62 5-5-6-12 28.34   23.75   24.97   25.01  

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
From a wide barrier, CALLING WITH LOVE was taken across behind runners shortly after the start. WINNIE’S HORSE was also shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Approaching the winning post on the first occasion, KA YING KID was awkwardly placed outside the heels of MEGA CHAMPION which was steadied to allow FURIO to cross. Passing the winning post on the first occasion, ENTHUSIASM raced tight inside EMPEROR CLAUDIUS which got its head on the side and hung in despite the efforts of its rider. Near the 1300 Metres, ENTHUSIASM was crowded for room inside MEGA CHAMPION which got its head on the side and shifted in when awkwardly placed inside the heels of SIGHT LOVER. Near the 150 Metres, ONE OF A KIND was checked when crowded for room between MEGA CHAMPION (K C Leung) and KA YING KID (N Callan), both of which shifted ground. K C Leung and N Callan were reprimanded and advised that they must stop riding and straighten their mounts in similar circumstances. In the Straight, when giving ground, EMPEROR CLAUDIUS got its head on the side and hung in. When questioned, W C Marwing stated that he had been instructed, from barrier 10, to obtain a forward position and lead on SIGHT LOVER if possible. He said it was felt that there would not be much speed in the race and that SIGHT LOVER may be able to obtain the lead in the early stages and then be able to dictate the tempo of the race thereafter. He said after shifting across with FURIO into a forward position, he allowed his mount to stride forward of that horse passing the 1200 Metres so as to signal his intention to lead. He said he expected the rider of FURIO, once becoming aware of his intention to lead, to hand up and take a trailing position behind SIGHT LOVER after which he would then be able to steady the tempo. He said however that FURIO continued to hold its position to the inside of the hindquarters of SIGHT LOVER and because of this he was not able to cross that horse. He added near the 1000 Metres he again attempted to cross FURIO after looking on a number of occasions to his inside to establish where that horse was racing. He said when FURIO continued to maintain its position inside SIGHT LOVER, he then desisted in his attempt to improve past that horse and after the 1000 Metres attempted to steady SIGHT LOVER. He said however that SIGHT LOVER would not respond when he attempted to slacken the tempo and the horse, despite his endeavours, would not relax and continued to race in a forward position outside FURIO. He said he was aware that the tempo of the race, particularly after the 1200 Metres was strong, however, because of the racing manners of SIGHT LOVER, after the 1000 Metres he was not able to take any further measures to get that horse to relax. He added he had ridden SIGHT LOVER in some of its races prior to being transferred to its current trainer and in some of those races SIGHT LOVER proved difficult to settle. When questioned, M Demuro stated that he had been instructed to take up a forward position on FURIO and lead if possible due to the horse’s light weight. He said in accordance with his instructions he shifted FURIO across in the early stages and was able to obtain a position on the rail near the lead approaching the 1200 Metres. He said although SIGHT LOVER improved to his outside, he did not allow that horse to cross as he felt that this would have been contrary to his instructions. He said therefore he elected to remain racing inside the hindquarters of SIGHT LOVER so as to prevent that horse from crossing his mount. He added he expected that SIGHT LOVER would be steadied by its rider and that he would be able to ride FURIO as instructed. He said whilst he was aware that the tempo of the race was solid, he believed that steadying to allow SIGHT LOVER to cross FURIO would have been contrary to his instructions and therefore he elected to ride the horse as he did. Both W C Marwing and M Demuro were advised that their riding of their respective mounts lacked the judgement expected of riders of their standing. They were further advised that whilst the Stewards did not believe there was any impropriety associated with their riding of their respective mounts and the associated tempo of the race, nonetheless they would be expected to show far more initiative and judgement than they did on this occasion so that horses they ride are afforded the opportunity to close off their races. ENTHUSIASM lost its right front plate after the race. ENTHUSIASM and JAZZY FEELING were sent for sampling.

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