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Horse Info

KELOWNA STAR (A623) STORMY ANTARCTIC (A630) BURST AWAY (A001) (Retired) PRAWN BABA (A002) (Retired) WHO DAT SINGA (A003) (Retired)
THE JAZZ (A004) (Retired) RED ELYSEES (A005) (Retired) ALL YOU NEED (A006) (Retired) BOND ELEGANCE (A007) (Retired) MONEY BOY (A008) (Retired)
POWERMAX (A009) (Retired) GRADE ONE (A010) (Retired) HAPPY HAPPY STAR (A011) (Retired) KWAICHUNG BROTHERS (A012) (Retired) OCEAN ELITE (A013) (Retired)
FAIR COMMENT (A014) (Retired) GOLDINGTON HORN (A015) (Retired) GREAT MO (A016) (Retired) DON'T MISS (A017) (Retired) TELECOM TITAN (A018) (Retired)
STAR OF HONG KONG (A019) (Retired) ELEGANCE PROMISE (A020) (Retired) LUCKY DOLLAR (A021) (Retired) MOST BEAUTIFUL (A022) (Retired) APPLAUSE (A023) (Retired)
KEEN VENTURE (A024) (Retired) WINNER'S WAY (A025) (Retired) CATCHMEIFYOUCAN (A026) (Retired) AUTOPAY (A027) (Retired) THUNDER ROCKER (A028) (Retired)
SUPER DUKE (A029) (Retired) INFINITY ENDEAVOUR (A030) (Retired) EXPONENTS (A031) (Retired) RICH REGIMENT (A032) (Retired) G'DAY MATE (A033) (Retired)
FURLONG DRAGON (A034) (Retired) AS YOU WISH (A035) (Retired) ELUSIVE STATE (A036) (Retired) BIG FLASH (A037) (Retired) HERE WE COME (A038) (Retired)
MORETHANLUCKY (A039) (Retired) JADE THEATRE (A040) (Retired) CIRCUIT HASSLER (A041) (Retired) SWISS WARRIOR (A042) (Retired) BEST CONFIDENCE (A043) (Retired)
DOCTORS DELIGHT (A044) (Retired) LUCKY TIME (A045) (Retired) M REBORN (A046) (Retired) BEEKELY (A047) (Retired) PERFECT TOUCH (A048) (Retired)
PLANET STAR (A049) (Retired) REGENCY BO BO (A050) (Retired) PREMIERE (A051) (Retired) GOOD COMPANION (A052) (Retired) CORRE RAPIDO (A053) (Retired)
ELUSIVE RAIN (A054) (Retired) MONEY WINNER (A055) (Retired) MR ORIOLE (A056) (Retired) VITAL SPRING (A057) (Retired) GREAT PINS (A058) (Retired)
REGENCY HONEY (A059) (Retired) BOTH GENERAL (A060) (Retired) RATTAN (A061) (Retired) TOP STRIKE (A062) (Retired) TORNEY (A063) (Retired)
HEALTHY LUCK (A064) (Retired) SANGRIA (A065) (Retired) TIME WARP (A066) (Retired) TANG FLEMING (A067) (Retired) HIGH ENERGY (A068) (Retired)
BEST GIFT (A069) (Retired) TELECOM SUN (A070) (Retired) FLYING QUEST (A071) (Retired) LUCKY WAN FENG (A072) (Retired) SUPREME PRIDE (A073) (Retired)
WINNING VANGOGH (A074) (Retired) WINNING CONTROLLER (A075) (Retired) UP TO YOU (A076) (Retired) KIWI SUNRISE (A077) (Retired) HAPPY SEA DRAGON (A078) (Retired)
FANTASTIC EIGHT (A079) (Retired) BINARY HEDGE (A080) (Retired) INDIGENOUS STAR (A081) (Retired) WHISTLE UP (A082) (Retired) CURLING LUXURY (A083) (Retired)
GENERAL O'REILLY (A084) (Retired) CELEBRATION (A085) (Retired) CITY LEGEND (A086) (Retired) GODSPEED (A087) (Retired) SAM'S LOVE (A088) (Retired)
GLORIOUS PARTNERS (A089) (Retired) WESTERN EXPRESS (A090) (Retired) RODRICO (A091) (Retired) ROMAN ODYSSEY (A092) (Retired) EAGLE WAY (A093) (Retired)
PRIMERO (A094) (Retired) GREEN ENERGY (A095) (Retired) WHOOP WHOOP (A096) (Retired) KING MORTAR (A097) (Retired) MONGOLIAN KING (A098) (Retired)
DELIGHT EXPRESS (A099) (Retired) SUPER WISE (A100) (Retired) GOBI STORM (A101) (Retired) BRAVO WATCHMAN (A102) (Retired) COLOURFUL WORLD (A103) (Retired)
TOURBILLON KING (A104) (Retired) TRIUMPH (A105) (Retired) MAGICAL CHAMPION (A106) (Retired) PADDINGTON (A107) (Retired) GEORGE PATTON (A108) (Retired)
GOLD LAND (A109) (Retired) EXPERTO CREDE (A110) (Retired) ISTANBUL BEY (A111) (Retired) GOLD MOUNT (A112) (Retired) BOOMING DELIGHT (A113) (Retired)
CALIFORNIA WHIP (A114) (Retired) LIMITLESS (A115) (Retired) AGREE (A116) (Retired) CALIFORNIA ASPAR (A117) (Retired) BULLISH GLORY (A118) (Retired)
NASSA (A119) (Retired) WINWIN RUBY (A120) (Retired) COMPASSION STAR (A121) (Retired) DYNAMIC LIONS (A122) (Retired) HURRICANE HUNTER (A123) (Retired)
KEEP MOVING (A124) (Retired) ENJOY LIFE (A125) (Retired) JOY AND MIGHTY (A126) (Retired) SACRED IBIS (A127) (Retired) PHANTOM FALCON (A128) (Retired)
HELENE CHARISMA (A129) (Retired) SUNSHINE UNIVERSE (A130) (Retired) ALCAZAR (A131) (Retired) ENCOUNTER (A132) (Retired) INDIGENOUS UNION (A133) (Retired)
SUPER CHIC (A134) (Retired) PRETTY BAUHINIA (A135) (Retired) WHAT ELSE BUT YOU (A136) (Retired) STARLIT KNIGHT (A137) (Retired) HIGH SPIRIT (A138) (Retired)
INTREPIC (A139) (Retired) LET'S TAKE IT EASY (A140) (Retired) PERFECT LIFELINE (A141) (Retired) EXCEPTIONAL DESIRE (A142) (Retired) GOOD HEART (A143) (Retired)
SCARBOROUGH FAIR (A144) (Retired) EMPIRE STAR (A145) (Retired) CONTRIBUTION (A146) (Retired) THE JUDGE (A147) (Retired) MEGA HEART (A148) (Retired)
ROCKY MALONE (A149) (Retired) BEST STEP (A150) (Retired) JOYFUL FOREVER (A151) (Retired) SUCH A HAPPINESS (A152) (Retired) REAL DEAL (A153) (Retired)
DR WIN WIN (A154) (Retired) FULL GLAMOUR (A155) (Retired) SMART DRAGON (A156) (Retired) BIG TIME BABY (A157) (Retired) PACKING STONES (A158) (Retired)
BEAUTY WAY (A159) (Retired) SMART BABY (A160) (Retired) RED ROSE WARRIOR (A161) (Retired) GAMECHANGERS (A162) (Retired) DOUBLE VALENTINE (A163) (Retired)
FAST MOST FURIOUS (A165) (Retired) KING FLASH (A166) (Retired) PADDINGTON EXPRESS (A167) (Retired) CHUNG WAH SPIRIT (A168) (Retired) CELESTIAL ARROW (A169) (Retired)
MAGIC LEGEND (A170) (Retired) STAR OF JOY (A171) (Retired) RULE THEE (A172) (Retired) TOP LAURELS (A173) (Retired) MASTER BERNINI (A174) (Retired)
HAPPY CHOICE (A175) (Retired) SOCCER CHIEF (A176) (Retired) ENCORE BOY (A177) (Retired) RELENTLESS ME (A178) (Retired) GRACIOUS RYDER (A179) (Retired)
SO FANNY (A180) (Retired) A SHIN HOOF (A181) (Retired) COLOURFUL ACHIEVER (A182) (Retired) BULB ELITE (A183) (Retired) WINNER DON'T MISS (A184) (Retired)
OHANA (A185) (Retired) MI BLANCO (A186) (Retired) SONIC FIGHTER (A187) (Retired) CHEERFULJET (A188) (Retired) ELECTRIC LIGHTNING (A189) (Retired)
VIVA COUNCIL (A190) (Retired) THE INVINCIBLE (A191) (Retired) OWNERS' PRESTIGE (A192) (Retired) GENERAL DINO (A193) (Retired) THE GOLDEN AGE (A194) (Retired)
LOADED (A195) (Retired) SIR REDALOT (A196) (Retired) OPEN HOUSE (A197) (Retired) RIVERSIDE BIRD (A198) (Retired) LUCKY REIGN (A199) (Retired)
LUCKY MASTER (A200) (Retired) MISTER MONTE (A201) (Retired) AMAZING (A202) (Retired) HO HO HORSE (A203) (Retired) MULTIGOGO (A204) (Retired)
SUPREME STORM (A205) (Retired) WIN MONEY (A206) (Retired) FANTASTIC SHOW (A207) (Retired) ROCHFORD (A208) (Retired) NICE FANDANGO (A209) (Retired)
AMUSING CITY (A210) (Retired) SIGHT LEADER (A211) (Retired) OCULIST (A212) (Retired) DALRADIAN (A213) (Retired) ROCKETEER (A214) (Retired)
HAIR TRIGGER (A215) (Retired) PERFECT CHOICE (A216) (Retired) ALL BEST FRIENDS (A217) (Retired) GRANITE BELT (A218) (Retired) ACCESSION YEARS (A219) (Retired)
CHAPARRAL STAR (A220) (Retired) ZERO HEDGE (A221) (Retired) REMARKABLE (A222) (Retired) GLORIAM (A223) (Retired) HAR HAR HEART (A224) (Retired)
SKYRAIDER (A225) (Retired) SO EASY (A226) (Retired) GIOVANNI BATTISTA (A227) (Retired) BANK ON RED (A228) (Retired) MARVEL JOY (A229) (Retired)
RADIANT TREASURE (A230) (Retired) SWEETIE BARLEY (A231) (Retired) HEHA BOY (A232) (Retired) MAGIC AGILITY (A233) (Retired) TERRITORY (A234) (Retired)
WONDERFUL TIGER (A235) (Retired) MAGIC POWER (A236) (Retired) MEGA TREASURE (A237) (Retired) RISE HIGH (A238) (Retired) PLAY IT (A239) (Retired)
ARCADA (A240) (Retired) DEE DEE D'OR (A241) (Retired) BONUS KING (A242) (Retired) CONFUCIUS WARRIOR (A243) (Retired) NUCLEAR POWER (A244) (Retired)
FORTUNE PATROL (A245) (Retired) KYRUS BOWSER (A246) (Retired) FAITHFUL TRINITY (A247) (Retired) CALCULATION (A248) (Retired) THE JOY OF GIVING (A249) (Retired)
LEAN AMBASSADOR (A250) (Retired) SUPER LUCKY (A251) (Retired) SOUTHERN LEGEND (A252) (Retired) WINNING FAITH (A253) (Retired) E MASTER (A254) (Retired)
HAPPY OUT THERE (A255) (Retired) VICTORIOUS ANTHEM (A256) (Retired) IVICTORY (A257) (Retired) EDGE HILL (A258) (Retired) A STAR LUSTER (A259) (Retired)
BRAVE LEGEND (A260) (Retired) ROYAL MOJITO (A261) (Retired) PINGWU SPARK (A262) (Retired) COLCHESTER (A263) (Retired) FRIENDO (A264) (Retired)
SIMBA (A265) (Retired) JOLLY BOUNTIFUL (A266) (Retired) FLYING NOBLE (A267) (Retired) TRIUMPHAL TRUMPET (A268) (Retired) RAY'S CALL (A269) (Retired)
GOKO (A270) (Retired) STRATHSPEY (A271) (Retired) PENZANCE (A272) (Retired) LUCKY SHINY DAY (A273) (Retired) FOR YIU POWER UP (A274) (Retired)
EVER STRONG (A275) (Retired) JOLLY GAINS (A276) (Retired) LEISURED FEET (A277) (Retired) EVER LAUGH (A278) (Retired) BABY BOY (A279) (Retired)
CREME BRULEE (A280) (Retired) LIGHTNING MISSILE (A281) (Retired) ORIENTAL ELITE (A282) (Retired) LUCKY STRYKER (A283) (Retired) FULL OF CHANCES (A284) (Retired)
COME ON WONGCHOY (A285) (Retired) QUICK RETURN (A286) (Retired) FIFTY FIFTY (A287) (Retired) LOGAN ONE (A288) (Retired) SNOW HAWK (A289) (Retired)
WIN BEAUTY WIN (A290) (Retired) GOUTEN OF GARO (A291) (Retired) FORTUNATE RUNNER (A292) (Retired) SAUL'S SPECIAL (A293) (Retired) KHAKI (A294) (Retired)
SHALLUCK (A295) (Retired) MASTER ALBERT (A296) (Retired) COBY BOY (A297) (Retired) JUNGLE KING (A298) (Retired) HOT KING PRAWN (A299) (Retired)
VERY SWEET ORANGE (A300) (Retired) BINGO (A301) (Retired) MIGHTY TIME (A302) (Retired) VIGOROUS SPIRIT (A303) (Retired) FURIOUS BOY (A304) (Retired)
DOLLAR REWARD (A305) (Retired) MARCHING ON (A306) (Retired) SAVANNAH WIND (A307) (Retired) GALLANT RETURN (A308) (Retired) BEAUTY STAR (A309) (Retired)
IMPECCABLE FELLOW (A310) (Retired) SPORTS MASTER (A311) (Retired) XIANG HUANG QI (A312) (Retired) HAPPY WARRIOR (A313) (Retired) SMART CHARADE (A314) (Retired)
BEAUT BEAUT (A315) (Retired) TRAVEL EMPEROR (A316) (Retired) BUOYANT BOY (A317) (Retired) THE LEGEND (A318) (Retired) EMPIRE OF PATCH (A319) (Retired)
ALL YOU KNOW (A320) (Retired) HOUSEHOLD KING (A321) (Retired) ROCKET GO (A322) (Retired) SUPER EIGHTEEN (A323) (Retired) ADONIS (A324) (Retired)
CHATER THUNDER (A325) (Retired) NOBLE STEED (A326) (Retired) HUMBLE STEED (A327) (Retired) ABSOLUCOOL (A328) (Retired) JIN JIN KING (A329) (Retired)
MY HONEY (A330) (Retired) PURE COURAGE (A331) (Retired) HOLEE MONEY (A332) (Retired) GOOD DAYS (A333) (Retired) TRIUMPHAL WIN (A334) (Retired)
OWNERS' DELIGHT (A335) (Retired) THE CREATETH (A336) (Retired) SHANGHAI MASTER (A337) (Retired) BOMBAY BLITZ (A338) (Retired) TOP BEAUTIFUL (A339) (Retired)
NATURAL FLARE (A340) (Retired) AWESOME SAUCE (A341) (Retired) TECHNICIAN (A342) (Retired) POWER OF PATCH (A343) (Retired) SMILING PRIDE (A344) (Retired)
DR PROACTIVE (A345) (Retired) GOLDEN GENERAL (A346) (Retired) LUCKY LUCKY (A347) (Retired) HAPPY HAPPY (A348) (Retired) TAKEO (A349) (Retired)
SALTO OLIMPICO (A350) (Retired) WINNING SUPREME (A351) (Retired) MIGHTY BOY (A352) (Retired) FARSON (A353) (Retired) ALCARI (A354) (Retired)
TOP ENERGY (A355) (Retired) ROYAL CHOCOLATE (A356) (Retired) SUPREME WITNESS (A357) (Retired) SWOT WINDICATOR (A358) (Retired) SHINING ON (A359) (Retired)
HORSE PROSPEROUS (A360) (Retired) SPOTLIGHT DREAM (A361) (Retired) SLEEP EDUCATION (A362) (Retired) AMAZING SATCHMO (A363) (Retired) EVERBRAVE (A364) (Retired)
HAPPY GUY (A365) (Retired) TAI SMART (A366) (Retired) TIME TO CELEBRATE (A367) (Retired) GILDED TOUCH (A368) (Retired) JUMBO BUS (A369) (Retired)
WISH COME TRUE (A370) (Retired) SUNNY POWER (A371) (Retired) SUPER HOPPY (A372) (Retired) HARD PROMISE (A373) (Retired) BEAUTY TIME (A374) (Retired)
PING HAI STAR (A375) (Retired) SUPERPOWER (A376) (Retired) GUNNISON (A377) (Retired) ROYAL PRINCE (A378) (Retired) SUNNY BOY (A379) (Retired)
VERY LUCKY (A380) (Retired) DRAGON PIONEER (A381) (Retired) MY CHAMPION (A382) (Retired) BETTER CHOICE (A383) (Retired) ROOKIE STAR (A384) (Retired)
PEOPLE'S CHAMPION (A385) (Retired) SINCERE HORSE (A386) (Retired) LUCKY VOLATILITY (A387) (Retired) BIRDIE (A388) (Retired) BINGO HERO (A389) (Retired)
KINGSTON ONE (A390) (Retired) SPEEDY KING (A391) (Retired) ULTIMATE DREAM (A392) (Retired) LIONROCKSPIRIT (A393) (Retired) WINNERS FOLLOW ME (A394) (Retired)
NORDIC STRIKE (A395) (Retired) GOLDFIELD (A396) (Retired) INFINITE CHOICE (A397) (Retired) CEREFINO (A398) (Retired) MAJESTIC ENDEAVOUR (A399) (Retired)
BEAUTY MILES (A400) (Retired) SACRED ELIXIR (A401) (Retired) CIRCUIT GLORY (A402) (Retired) NOBLE STAR (A403) (Retired) FLASH (A404) (Retired)
LIVERBIRD STAR (A405) (Retired) GALLANT SUCCESS (A406) (Retired) HARBOUR CENTURY (A407) (Retired) SUPER FUN (A408) (Retired) DOCTOR GEOFF (A409) (Retired)
HEALTH FIRST (A410) (Retired) PLAY WISE (A411) (Retired) DASHING GAINER (A412) (Retired) CALIFORNIA ELITE (A413) (Retired) CALIFORNIA NIKE (A414) (Retired)
CALIFORNIA FORTUNE (A415) (Retired) NEW ELEGANCE (A416) (Retired) CALIFORNIA ARCHER (A417) (Retired) FORTUNE BOOTH (A418) (Retired) RIGHTEOUS MATE (A419) (Retired)
MY BEGINNER'S LUCK (A420) (Retired) FULLY CHARGED (A421) (Retired) SPIDEY (A422) (Retired) GREAT SON (A423) (Retired) INVESTOR BOOM (A424) (Retired)
MY BEAR CAT (A425) (Retired) CLEAR CHOICE (A426) (Retired) GOLDEN EFFORT (A427) (Retired) REMARKABLE SUNDAY (A428) (Retired) CONTE (A429) (Retired)
BIG ARTHUR (A601) (Retired) REBEL DANE (A602) (Retired) SIGNS OF BLESSING (A603) (Retired) RIVER BOBO (A604) (Retired) RED FALX (A605) (Retired)
GROWL (A606) (Retired) PURE SENSATION (A607) (Retired) LOGOTYPE (A608) (Retired) NEOREALISM (A609) (Retired) COUGAR MOUNTAIN (A610) (Retired)
GOLDEN DOUBLE (A611) (Retired) ELLIPTIQUE (A612) (Retired) QUEENS RING (A613) (Retired) SILVERWAVE (A614) (Retired) BIG ORANGE (A615) (Retired)
GARLINGARI (A616) (Retired) ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN (A617) (Retired) BENZINI (A618) (Retired) SMART LAYER (A619) (Retired) TAKEDOWN (A620) (Retired)
QUECHUA (A621) (Retired) SPARTA (A622) (Retired) KELOWNA STAR (A623) (Retired) PERFECT ALLOY (A624) (Retired) SWEET KOREAN (A625) (Retired)
MUBTAAHIJ (A626) (Retired) THE UNITED STATES (A627) (Retired) DICTON (A628) (Retired) LIQUID MERCURY (A629) (Retired) STORMY ANTARCTIC (A630) (Retired)
CONVEY (A631) (Retired) A632 (A632) (Retired) A634 (A634) (Retired)