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19/09/2021  Shatin  Race 10

19/09/2021  Class 2  Shatin  Turf  C  1600m   Going: GOOD  (2.72)   Rating: 098 - 081   Section Time: (24.40)  (22.99)  (23.54)  (22.71)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 11 C P BRAVE J Moreira A T Millard 1 116 81 77 1-1/2 1:33:64 1.8 3-3-3-1 24.64  23.07  23.42  22.51 

2 5 HIGHLAND FORTUNE K Teetan K W Lui 9 120 85 25 1-1/2 1:33:87 10 1-1-1-2 24.40  22.99  23.54  22.94 

3 12 CELESTIAL POWER M F Poon F C Lor 6 114 81 70 1-3/4 1:33:90 10 2-4-4-3 24.56  23.23  23.38  22.73 

4 10 ZEBROWSKI M L Yeung C Fownes 2 117 82 51 2-1/4 1:34:01 14 5-5-5-4 24.72  23.27  23.34  22.68 

5 4 FLYING QUEST C L Chau D J Hall 5 116 86 -15 2-1/2 1:34:05 20 8-9-9-5 25.08  23.27  23.26  22.44 

6 7 CHARITY GO M Chadwick C S Shum 7 118 83 5 3-1/4 1:34:17 30 9-8-8-6 25.20  23.07  23.22  22.68 

7 6 BEAUTY FIT V Borges J Size 3 118 83 93 3-1/2 1:34:19 20 7-6-6-7 25.00  23.03  23.30  22.86 

8 2 THE ROCK A Badel C Fownes 8 132 97 58 3-1/2 1:34:20 9 4-2-2-8 24.68  22.87  23.46  23.19 

9 3 SUPER FOOTBALL Z Purton K H Ting 10 124 89 59 4-3/4 1:34:40 9.4 10-10-10-9 25.20  23.23  23.18  22.79 

10 9 HELENE WISDOM STAR C Y Ho A S Cruz 11 117 82 75 7 1:34:76 19 11-11-11-10 25.32  23.23  23.26  22.95 

11 8 SUNSHINE WARRIOR A Hamelin A S Cruz 4 118 83 57 7 1:34:76 150 6-7-7-11 24.96  23.23  23.26  23.31 

1 CHARITY FUN H Bentley C S Shum 10 133 98 78 -- 0 0-0-0-0

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
CHARITY FUN was withdrawn on 17.9.21 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (left front tendon injury). Before being allowed to race again, CHARITY FUN will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. BEAUTY FIT began awkwardly and lost ground. From the outside barriers, SUPER FOOTBALL and HELENE WISDOM STAR were shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Despite being ridden along for some distance in the early stages, CHARITY GO failed to muster speed. Passing the 1300 Metres, C P BRAVE was crowded for room inside CELESTIAL POWER (M F Poon) which attempted to shift in behind the leader HIGHLAND FORTUNE and in front of C P BRAVE. As CELESTIAL POWER was attempting to shift in behind HIGHLAND FORTUNE, that horse was steadied by its rider which resulted in the room between HIGHLAND FORTUNE and C P BRAVE being reduced. When C P BRAVE was crowded for room, CELESTIAL POWER was directed out to relieve the tightening to C P BRAVE. ZEBROWSKI, which was following CELESTIAL POWER, was awkwardly placed behind CELESTIAL POWER in consequence. M F Poon was advised that whilst HIGHLAND FORTUNE was being steadied in the lead, nonetheless the manoeuvre that he attempted required some degree of inconvenience to C P BRAVE and accordingly he was severely reprimanded and told to ensure that he exercises due care when shifting ground in similar circumstances. Passing the 1100 Metres, SUPER FOOTBALL was steadied away from the heels of SUNSHINE WARRIOR which was awkwardly placed close to the heels of ZEBROWSKI which in turn was awkwardly placed close to the heels of CELESTIAL POWER (M F Poon) which was being steadied to obtain cover behind THE ROCK. M F Poon was reprimanded and warned against the practice of steadying his mounts in such a manner as to cause other horses to be hampered. Passing the 900 Metres, FLYING QUEST was left racing wide and without cover. Passing the 200 Metre, SUPER FOOTBALL was bumped by CHARITY GO which shifted to the outside of ZEBROWSKI to obtain clear running after being awkwardly placed behind that horse. When questioned, K Teetan (HIGHLAND FORTUNE) stated that after racing on the rail in the lead throughout the race, HIGHLAND FORTUNE made the Home Turn well and did not shift any ground. He said however that after placing his mount under pressure in the early part of the Straight, HIGHLAND FORTUNE commenced to lay out away from the rail despite his attempts to have it continue to race close to the rail. He said he turned his mount’s head inwards for a considerable distance after the 300 Metres to prevent HIGHLAND FORTUNE from shifting out, however, he was not able to prevent that horse from shifting ground. He said because of the manner in which HIGHLAND FORTUNE was racing, he was not able to properly ride his mount out as HIGHLAND FORTUNE continued to lay out under pressure for the remainder of the race. He said as a result of HIGHLAND FORTUNE laying out, C P BRAVE was able to improve its position to the inside of HIGHLAND FORTUNE after the 300 Metres. After viewing the video, the Stewards accepted the explanation tendered by K Teetan. When questioned, Z Purton stated that, in his opinion, SUPER FOOTBALL was not as disappointing in today’s race as it first appeared. He said SUPER FOOTBALL was not suited by the circumstances of the race in the middle stages which resulted in the horse being awkwardly placed behind SUNSHINE WARRIOR for some distance. He said this resulted in SUPER FOOTBALL not being able to settle during the race. He added SUPER FOOTBALL was left flat-footed when the pace of the race increased rounding the Home Turn and in the early part of the Straight, however, he believed that in the circumstances SUPER FOOTBALL closed off the race satisfactorily over the latter stages. A veterinary inspection of SUPER FOOTBALL immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of THE ROCK and HELENE WISDOM STAR immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. C P BRAVE and HIGHLAND FORTUNE were sent for sampling.

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