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09/12/2018  Class 2  Shatin  Turf  A  1600m   Going: GOOD  (2.72)   Rating: 100-080   Section Time: (25.15)  (23.96)  (24.02)  (22.98)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Actual
Draw LBW Finishing
Section Time
1 1 INSAYSHABLE J Moreira J Size 133 3 NOSE 1:36:11 5.7 4-5-4-1 25.31   24.16   23.86   22.78  

2 12 TIGRE DU TERRE A Badel C Fownes 121 9 NOSE 1:36:11 142 9-6-5-2 25.79   23.72   23.82   22.78  

3 3 DARK DREAM Z Purton F C Lor 127 12 N 1:36:16 5.1 5-8-7-3 25.47   24.24   23.82   22.63  

4 8 MONGOLIAN KING U Rispoli Y S Tsui 125 4 1/2 1:36:21 16 12-11-10-4 26.07   23.88   23.70   22.56  

5 11 CHARITY GO C Y Ho C S Shum 119 14 3/4 1:36:22 7 14-14-14-5 26.19   24.12   23.70   22.21  

6 9 STIMULATION M Barzalona A S Cruz 123 7 3/4 1:36:23 34 3-3-1-6 25.23   24.08   23.82   23.10  

7 6 TIME TO CELEBRATE R Moore J Size 127 13 3/4 1:36:26 27 13-13-13-7 26.07   24.12   23.74   22.33  

8 7 SICHUAN DAR G van Niekerk A T Millard 126 11 1-1/2 1:36:33 44 11-12-12-8 25.99   24.12   23.70   22.52  

9 13 CLASSIC BEAUTY D Whyte J Moore 118 1 1-1/2 1:36:37 90 6-4-6-9 25.51   23.92   24.02   22.92  

10 4 EASY GO EASY WIN S de Sousa J Moore 127 6 1-3/4 1:36:37 4.3 7-9-11-10 25.67   24.28   23.86   22.56  

11 2 JOYFUL TRINITY G Mosse C Fownes 132 5 2 1:36:43 16 8-7-8-11 25.75   23.96   23.86   22.86  

12 10 HELENE LEADINGSTAR K Teetan A S Cruz 122 2 2-1/2 1:36:49 13 2-1-2-12 25.23   23.88   24.02   23.36  

13 5 GOOD STANDING H Bowman J Moore 127 8 3 1:36:59 6.3 1-2-3-13 25.15   24.08   23.90   23.46  

14 14 STAR MAJESTIC K C Leung P O'Sullivan 117 10 3 1:36:60 159 10-10-9-14 25.99   23.96   23.66   22.99  

Steward Report Race Running Position Photos
MONGOLIAN KING began awkwardly. STIMULATION began awkwardly and then was crowded for room between GOOD STANDING and EASY GO EASY WIN, both of which shifted ground. From a wide barrier, TIME TO CELEBRATE was steadied and shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Also STAR MAJESTIC and SICHUAN DAR were shifted across behind runners to obtain cover. Passing the 1500 Metres and again after the 1300 Metres, EASY GO EASY WIN got its head up when racing keenly. Near the 950 Metres, DARK DREAM got its head up and shifted in abruptly when being checked away from the heels of INSAYSHABLE. EASY GO EASY WIN, which was following DARK DREAM, got its head up and commenced to race ungenerously in consequence. For some distance after the 800 Metres, EASY GO EASY WIN remained awkwardly placed behind DARK DREAM. Near the 750 Metres, MONGOLIAN KING was checked away from the heels of JOYFUL TRINITY. At the entrance to the Straight, EASY GO EASY WIN was shifted in away from the heels of STAR MAJESTIC. SICHUAN DAR was held up for clear running in the early part of the Straight. CHARITY GO was unable to obtain clear running from passing the 300 Metres until near the 200 Metres at which time the horse was shifted to the outside of TIME TO CELEBRATE. MONGOLIAN KING was held up for clear running from passing the 250 Metres until passing the 200 Metres at which time the horse was disappointed for running between TIGRE DU TERRE and DARK DREAM. In this incident, DARK DREAM became unbalanced after being bumped by MONGOLIAN KING. EASY GO EASY WIN had some difficulty obtaining clear running approaching the 200 Metres and then was checked away from the heels of DARK DREAM passing the 200 Metres. Passing the 200 Metres, CLASSIC BEAUTY raced tight between HELENE LEADINGSTAR and JOYFUL TRINITY which was shifted to the inside of GOOD STANDING to obtain clear running. Close to the finishing line, GOOD STANDING raced tight inside SICHUAN DAR which shifted to the inside of STIMULATION to continue improving. Throughout the race, STIMULATION travelled wide and without cover. A Badel (TIGRE DU TERRE) was warned against the practice of raising his whip arm above the height of his shoulder. The Stewards considered a protest/objection lodged by A Badel, the rider of the second placed, TIGRE DU TERRE, against INSAYSHABLE being declared the winner alleging interference near the 400 Metres. After taking evidence from all parties concerned and after viewing the videos, it was found that approaching the 400 Metres INSAYSHABLE and TIGRE DU TERRE raced tight as INSAYSHABLE attempted to shift out and TIGRE DU TERRE maintained its positon. The Stewards were of the view that this contact was of little consequence. It was further found that after the 400 Metres TIGRE DU TERRE became unbalanced after being bumped by INSAYSHABLE which shifted to the outside of STIMULATION to obtain clear running. Having regard to the fact that this incident occurred just after the 400 Metres and that both horses then had the opportunity to finish off the race without further incident, the Stewards could not be satisfied to the requisite degree that if not for the contact between the two horses passing the 400 Metres TIGRE DU TERRE would have finished in front of INSAYSHABLE. Accordingly, the protest/objection was overruled and weighed-in declared on the numbers semaphored by the Judge. Mr C S Shum, the trainer of CHARITY GO, explained that, from the outside barrier, he was concerned that if CHARITY GO were to be ridden along to take up a forward position as was the case at its only previous start in Hong Kong, the horse may be required to race on the rail in the lead. He said, in his opinion, based on the races that had been run to that point, horses, which were racing away from the rail and other than in the lead, appeared to have been advantaged, he therefore decided to instruct C Y Ho to shift CHARITY GO across behind the field and obtain cover. A veterinary inspection of EASY GO EASY WIN immediately following the race did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious. A veterinary inspection of GOOD STANDING immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. EASY GO EASY WIN, INSAYSHABLE and TIGRE DU TERRE were sent for sampling.