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08/11/2017  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  B  1200m   Going: GOOD  (2.71)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (24.12)  (23.21)  (23.28)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 12 STARLOT M L Yeung R Gibson 2 114 42 31 1 1:10:61 54 2-2-1 24.16   23.17   23.28  

2 1 LEISURED FEET B Prebble W Y So 7 133 59 57 1 1:10:76 6.5 3-3-2 24.32   23.21   23.23  

3 5 FORMULA GALORE N Rawiller C Fownes 5 122 48 9 1-1/4 1:10:79 4.7 4-5-3 24.40   23.29   23.10  

4 8 SALSA BROTHERS A Badel F C Lor 12 118 44 2 1-1/4 1:10:81 17 1-1-4 24.12   23.21   23.48  

5 7 FUNNY BUDDIES K C Leung P O'Sullivan 11 117 45 -16 1-1/2 1:10:86 26 9-9-5 24.72   23.33   22.81  

6 6 MULTIGOGO S Clipperton A S Cruz 4 120 46 39 2 1:10:93 2.1 7-6-6 24.48   23.33   23.12  

7 3 SUPER CLAN C Schofield A T Millard 9 128 54 26 2-3/4 1:11:03 34 12-12-7 25.12   23.25   22.66  

8 10 OTOUTO K Teetan D Cruz 1 116 42 10 3 1:11:10 7.8 5-4-8 24.48   23.13   23.49  

9 11 OUR HONOUR M Chadwick L Ho 8 116 42 28 3-1/4 1:11:13 11 6-8-9 24.48   23.45   23.20  

10 2 WONDERFUL TIGER C Y Ho C W Chang 10 128 56 33 3-1/2 1:11:18 201 11-10-10 24.96   23.17   23.05  

11 9 CELESTIAL ARROW H T Mo C S Shum 6 110 43 26 3-3/4 1:11:21 72 10-11-11 24.92   23.33   22.96  

12 4 ELITE POWER N Callan D E Ferraris 3 126 52 54 10 1:12:21 169 8-7-12 24.68   23.17   24.36  

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
WONDERFUL TIGER was slow to begin and then was shifted across behind runners from a wide barrier. ELITE POWER began only fairly. Also from wide barriers, SUPER CLAN and FUNNY BUDDIES were shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Passing the 1100 Metres, MULTIGOGO raced tight inside FORMULA GALORE which was awkwardly placed close to the heels of LEISURED FEET. Making the first turn approaching the 1000 Metres, ELITE POWER got its head on the side and lay out, resulting in CELESTIAL ARROW being crowded for room inside FUNNY BUDDIES. Making the turn after the 600 Metres, ELITE POWER lost ground after shifting out towards the heels of MULTIGOGO which lay in momentarily. Also making the turn after the 600 Metres, FUNNY BUDDIES was awkwardly placed inside the heels of OUR HONOUR. Approaching the 100 Metres, FUNNY BUDDIES was directed out across the heels of FORMULA GALORE to continue improving. Passing the 50 Metres, WONDERFUL TIGER was steadied away from the heels of MULTIGOGO. For the majority of the race, FORMULA GALORE travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, S Clipperton stated that he was asked to ride MULTIGOGO positively to obtain a position in the first four if possible. He said he was also told that MULTIGOGO had previously travelled very strongly after being ridden along in the early stages, so he was asked to be mindful of this when positioning the horse in the early stages to obtain a forward position. He said MULTIGOGO began well and he rode his mount along in the early stages. He said he had not expected STARLOT to be able to obtain a leading position from an inside barrier in the early stages and he anticipated that he would be able to obtain a position outside OTOUTO. He said however that STARLOT was ridden along in the early stages and as OTOUTO was holding its position inside that horse, he felt that he may be left racing three wide if he continued to ride MULTIGOGO forward, therefore he elected to obtain a position behind STARLOT. He said when he made this decision, OTOUTO was steadied by its rider to allow STARLOT to cross which resulted in MULTIGOGO being slightly further back than had been anticipated. He said he had to niggle at MULTIGOGO after the 1100 Metres to maintain its position inside FORMULA GALORE and he did not believe that MULTIGOGO would have been able to show much more speed in the early stages if pressured. He added MULTIGOGO travelled only fairly throughout the race and came under heavy pressure after the 500 Metres. He said it was not until passing the 200 Metres that MULTIGOGO commenced to finish off the race well and he intended to proceed into running between SALSA BROTHERS and LEISURED FEET, however, LEISURED FEET shifted in after the 150 Metres which required him to direct MULTIGOGO to the inside of SALSA BROTHERS approaching the 100 Metres to continue improving. He said whilst he did not believe MULTIGOGO would have won had he been able to improve between SALSA BROTHERS and LEISURED FEET, he felt the horse would have finished closer to the leader had he been able to obtain this run. He said the manner in which MULTIGOGO raced tonight gave him the impression that it would benefit from stepping up in distance to 1400 Metres and he advised the connections accordingly. When questioned regarding the performance of STARLOT, Trainer R Gibson was not able to offer any explanation for the horse’s improved performance. He said STARLOT had disappointed him in a number of its runs on the All Weather surface prior to its last start on the turf. He said over 1400 Metres back on the turf last start, having regard to the manner in which STARLOT had disappointed him in its prior races, it was decided to have the horse ridden more patiently to see whether it would be able to finish off the race. He said he was happy with the manner in which STARLOT had finished off the race on that occasion, however, back to 1200 Metres tonight, he did not anticipate that the horse would improve sufficiently to be able to be a winning chance. He said it was decided, from the horse’s inside barrier, to ride it more positively in the hope that it would perform better. He added the horse was found to have a substantial amount of blood in its trachea following its final run last season and he had had to manage this situation with the horse. After the race, it was reported that CELESTIAL ARROW had sustained a superficial large abrasion to the right hock. A veterinary inspection of OTOUTO immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of OUR HONOUR immediately following the race did not show any significant findings, however, the horse was unable to be scoped due to being fractious. MULTIGOGO, STARLOT and LEISURED FEET were sent for sampling.

+ - Trump Card
* - Priority to Run
() - Order of Trainer Preference
MA288 Rating - Included Handicap Adjustment
- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
- Placed in wet track
- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
- Improve after change jockey