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21/04/2014  Shatin  Race 7

21/04/2014  Class 3  Shatin  Turf  C+3  1000m   Going: GOOD  (2.7)   Rating: 085 - 060   Section Time: (13.08)  (20.94)  (22.60)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 2 PENIAPHOBIA D Whyte A S Cruz 4 133 88 51 N 0:56:62 3.6 5-6-1 13.24  20.98  22.40 

2 10 PURE FORCE Z Purton K W Lui 8 120 70 26 N 0:56:67 2.3 2-1-2 13.08  20.94  22.65 

3 3 CHARITY JOY M Chadwick C S Shum 6 132 82 47 1-1/2 0:56:86 29 10-10-3 13.68  20.98  22.20 

4 8 TANGO FIRE J Moreira J Moore 2 125 75 54 1-3/4 0:56:90 6.3 6-5-4 13.32  20.86  22.72 

5 4 CHOICE TREASURE Y T Cheng C H Yip 12 128 78 37 1-3/4 0:56:91 22 7-7-5 13.48  20.74  22.69 

6 11 ART OF SUCCESS K C Ng C S Shum 9 113 68 60 2-1/2 0:57:02 9.4 4-2-6 13.16  20.86  23.00 

7 5 CHEETAH BOY H W Lai Y S Tsui 11 125 77 -16 5-1/4 0:57:46 89 8-8-7 13.48  20.94  23.04 

8 1 MR GENUINE T H So D J Hall 10 131 88 84 5-1/2 0:57:49 65 9-9-8 13.60  20.86  23.03 

9 9 DOUBLE POINT C Y Ho C Fownes 1 120 77 60 6-1/4 0:57:63 99 11-12-9 13.88  21.18  22.57 

10 12 MASTER AETIUS K C Leung W Y So 3 116 68 61 6-3/4 0:57:69 9.5 3-4-10 13.12  21.02  23.55 

11 13 WATCH OUT C Y Lui P F Yiu 5 109 66 76 8-1/4 0:57:95 99 12-11-11 14.04  20.78  23.13 

12 6 DANE PATROL C K Tong P O'Sullivan 7 124 76 -29 12 0:58:53 58 1-3-12 13.08  20.98  24.47 

7 HEAVENISARACEHORSE D E Ferraris 13 126 76 43 --

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
The Stewards today inquired into the reason for HEAVENISARACEHORSE, a declared starter in this race, being administered extra-corporeal shockwave treatment on Monday, 14 April 2014 which is contrary to the provisions of Regulation 124(h) of the Trainers’ Handbook which provides that such treatment is not permitted to be within 7 clear days of racing. The Stewards took evidence from Mr D E Ferraris, the trainer of HEAVENISARACEHORSE and Mr K W Lee, the assistant trainer allocated to Mr Ferraris’ stable. Also present was Dr P Curl, Executive Manager, Veterinary Regulation. Mr Ferraris was found guilty of a charge of Rule 50(2) of having failed in his responsibility for the work of the stable staff allocated to him, in particular Mr Lee, in that HEAVENISARACEHORSE underwent extra-corporeal shockwave treatment on 14 April 2014 in contravention to the provisions of Regulation 124(h) of the Trainers’ Handbook. Mr Ferraris was fined the sum of $5,000. Mr Ferraris was advised that in assessing penalty, the Stewards had taken into consideration that whilst they were of the opinion there were measures that he should have undertaken which could have possibly prevented HEAVENISARACEHORSE being administered extra-corporeal shockwave treatment, nonetheless Mr Lee’s conduct in failing to seek proper authority to arrange the treatment to HEAVENISARACEHORSE had been a mitigating factor. Mr Lee was advised that a report would be forwarded to Stables Management in respect of the performance of his duties relative to this incident. He was further advised that irrespective of whatever disciplinary measures undertaken by Stables Management, should he appear before the Stewards in the future and be found to be negligent in the performance of his duties, the Stewards would give consideration to forwarding a recommendation to the Licensing Committee regarding his suitability to continue his licence as an assistant trainer. WATCH OUT began very awkwardly and lost ground. Shortly after the start, MR GENUINE was steadied away from the heels of ART OF SUCCESS which shifted out after being bumped by PURE FORCE. Passing the 500 Metres, TANGO FIRE got its head up and shifted out after being awkwardly placed close to the heels of MASTER AETIUS. CHOICE TREASURE was held up for clear running for some distance after the 500 Metres. Passing the 200 Metres, CHARITY JOY shifted in and bumped CHEETAH BOY which was inclined to lay out under pressure. Near the 100 Metres, CHOICE TREASURE was awkwardly placed close to the heels of PURE FORCE when held up for clear running behind that horse. Near the 70 Metres, WATCH OUT was severely checked when crowded for room between MASTER AETIUS and DOUBLE POINT which, when closing off the race strongly, shifted in to avoid the heels of CHEETAH BOY (H W Lai) which got its head on the side and shifted out under pressure. H W Lai was advised that whilst DOUBLE POINT at no stage had secured running to the outside of CHEETAH BOY, nonetheless in similar circumstances he would be expected to promptly stop riding and straighten his mounts when they shift ground. When questioned, M Chadwick stated that he had been asked to have CHARITY JOY travelling where it was comfortable in the early stages and it was anticipated that this would be behind the leaders as CHARITY JOY had previously shown natural speed in its races. He said when the start was effected, CHARITY JOY was leaning on the inside of its stall and consequently began awkwardly, losing ground. He said he rode CHARITY JOY along in the early stages in an endeavour to have the horse as close to the speed as possible, however, because of the manner in which CHARITY JOY jumped, the horse raced further back than had been intended. He added however that when ridden in this way, CHARITY JOY closed off the race over the concluding stages. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of MASTER AETIUS, K C Leung stated that unlike at its last start, MASTER AETIUS was drawn poorly today and he had to ride the horse along in the early stages in order to cross runners to his outside and take up a forward position. He said despite having to be used up in the early stages, MASTER AETIUS then travelled satisfactorily after obtaining cover behind DANE PATROL. He added after the 600 Metres he shifted his mount to the inside of that horse into clear running and MASTER AETIUS initially responded well to his riding, however, when TANGO FIRE improved past MASTER AETIUS near the 300 Metres, MASTER AETIUS got its head on the side, hung out and proved difficult to ride. He said whilst MASTER AETIUS was disappointing in today’s race, he felt that the circumstances were different to that of its last start when the horse was successful. A veterinary inspection of MASTER AETIUS immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. PENIAPHOBIA and PURE FORCE were sent for sampling.

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